THE LAST OF US Official Trailer (2023) Pedro Pascal, Horror Series HD

THE LAST OF US Official Trailer (2023) Pedro Pascal, Horror Series HD

Joel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across post-pandemic America.

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  1. Shit gave me tha chills!! Def has tha vibe of tha game for sure. Plus I think at least tha main two characters will do great.

  2. The game kind of spoils the show for the most part… there might be some changes, but still seems to follow the overall story.

  3. Why didn't ellen page do this role ugh, could've been perfect, and sorry but she looks odd for playing Ellie idk, we will see I guess

  4. This isn't the only series coming out. Twisted metal is coming out sometime next year and they just finished filming last month.

  5. I think it looks ok, but Ellie is a big character to play. So she better be good or it will fuck the movie up for me.

  6. I was wondering when i was going to see my lady again from GOT and with how epic her speech was about Jon Snow being the true king of the north i except her to just kill this role

  7. unpopular opinion. didn't they already pretty much had all the actors for the roles? i mean Pedro Pascal is good… but rest of them… none of the rest actors looks even remotely like the character they representing… maybe i'm just old, but that feels nothing like Last Of Us i'd expected.
    At some points looks like last mid seasons of Walking Dead… and that's not a good sigh… if you know what i mean…

  8. Well, Ellie is… let say little bit different. Am I the only one who thinks there something wrong with her?

  9. Looks good, the game always felt like a movie. It'll fun to watch this series. The monster looks awesome.

  10. I think it looks cool, but I hope people havent lost interest in zombie subject matter due to saturation of it in tye last 10 years.

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