THE LAST OF US "Joel & Ellie" Trailer (2023)

THE LAST OF US “Joel & Ellie” Trailer (2023) Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Nick Offerman, TLOU Series HD
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  1. Could the casting be any worse? Okay so Joel was hispanic and the little girl butt ugly? lol yeah okay. Oh it's woke!

  2. Yup, postpandemic world, full of dangerous and Ellie have fun like nothing happend 😂🤷‍♂️ HBO u make it wrong 😂 show us your teeth? Aawww u dont have those? Yeaaa we see it

    Imo very bad behavior of Ellie, too bad for cast and Black daughter of Joel…
    HBO , why you cast all of Black people? Black Joel? Black Ellie etc?
    And named it "the Last of white" 😂

  3. The actress playing Ellie isn't what I thought she would look like in live action.. am I the only one that thinks this? The guy playing Joel would be spot on if he was like 10 years younger. So many horrible adaptations of franchises I've liked and grown up with have been popping up lately. I can't help but worry they're going to find a way to fuck it up.

  4. Wow, the Last of Us trailer is everywhere! Naughty Dog release best game ever that I ever imagine and played! I kinda fallin love with this game! addicted. Now TV series gonna comin' up real soon! can't wait to watch Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) playing their role. AWESOME!

  5. OMG from what I've heard and read this is a "DRAMA" series they have taking a masterpiece and watered it down removing the hunting and killing and fighting for your life at every turn to tell us how these people feel. OMG I knew they'd screw this up and they have. From my understanding there are VERY VERY VERY few senses that even included the infected. which in the game they were prominently featured. So don't think you're going to see anyone shaving a clicker in the neck in this show because it ain't gonna happen. We get one look at a bloater in the whole first season. I highly doubt we'll see the underpass scene at all. Then they went and created character that WEREN"T even in the game and created story for them OMG what cluster fuck this is going to be a real shit show for sure.

  6. I sincerely hope this has all of the all-around qualities that were lent to other HBO series, especially with Walking Dead (proper) now over with. Also, while I like Pedro Pascal a lot, it's going to be very difficult for me not to hear Joel via Troy Baker.

  7. I waa hoping for the modded fallout 3 or modded skyrim to be a movie, or maybe gmod turned into live action movie or series, hehehe imagine the chaos

  8. I feel bad for the people that haven’t played the game and will watch this before playing it. YOU WILL RUIN A GENERATIONAL MASTERPIECE FOR YOURSELF!!! Do not watch this before you have beaten the game!!!! That is all 🙂

  9. Hope it gets multiple seasons and follows both games but does have any woke nonsense in it.

  10. Not a fan of them advising Bella not to play the game. Guessing it’s because they don’t want her to suggest things about the character like Henry Cavill tried doing with the Witcher and look how that turned out

  11. No offence to the actors but.
    1. Thay do not look like the characters in the books nor the game.
    2. It would be very hard to watch the show knowing the characters look nothing alike. Only thing that looks perfect is the ruined remains of the wild life/city and the clicker zombies.

    Please as a fan of the last of us either find better actors that actually look so similar to the game and books.

  12. This looks super interesting the scenery and clickers look amazing my worry is that they move off of the original story or the actor for joul and Ellie don’t have that bond that the original voice actors had

  13. "I was advised not to play the game."

    Um… That could be a red flag. Still have very high hopes for this show, though.

  14. 1:11 this girl didnt even play the game and she is playing the role im so sad for people that wanted to play Ellies role SAD! teribble wrong actress for Ellie

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