THE LAST OF US Episode 2 & Next Episodes Trailer (2023)

THE LAST OF US Episode 2 & Next Episodes Trailer (2023) S01E02
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  1. I'm probably the only person that didn't think it was as good as everyone made out. It was over-hyped. They changed bits that made no point to change as it didn't advance and they that the original content didn't.

  2. Incredible how they have found actors to look exactly the same as the characters in the game

  3. There's nothing NEW. This is no different than Disney live-action remake. Just play the game.

  4. The casting suks some of the changes were good some bad theres no real latinos in the apocalypse buy the way but somehow sarah is blakish now

  5. Greatest adaptation from a video game of all time. The Witcher was 1st, until it went off the rails. But it’s amazing how much they stick to the game. Could even guess what they were about to say in some parts.

  6. "Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them." —Vaibhav Shah

  7. never played the game, the first episode was good enough for me to want to watch the rest , it is not mind blowing but its a good show .

  8. The first episode was beyond expectations I hope people will appreciate this work over time

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