1. at 0- 43 he is using a modern 38 special double action pistol……. bad ………

  2. This is new version of "Tell them Willy Boy is here," right???

  3. it is a remake of the 1969 film, "Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here" starring Robert Redford, Katherine Ross and Robert Blake. I will definitely watch this one. In real incident in 1909, the posse chased them across 500 miles of the harsh desert.

  4. I dont think this will fly, nothing original, Racial actors who did not exsist in the period of time. Another evil white sherriff of course.

  5. Is this a supporting role for Momoa? After seeing him in Frontier, I am positive this is a good fit for him!

  6. This super HD camera nonsense has ruined cinema! Now days they film everything on super high resolution and then they add grain…or they don't like this one! And it looks cheap and TV like, I miss things being shot on film!

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