1. one of the worst trailers ive seen all fuckin year… like WOOOW no one cares about these kinds of movies… its not even going to be a 1 hit wonder movie… just abunch of trash no one cares for…what a waste of film making and shit writing. lol

  2. I live in a state with legal weed. Continuing to make propaganda movies propetuating the drug war makes little sense to me.

  3. a BW talking sweet and calling a man baby…..ahhh she must be talking to a none black.

  4. You know it. I know it.

    All we know it, guys:

    The best part of the whole trailer is this Bank of America sponsorship 0:06

  5. Most clicked on this because of those twins popping out lol but overall on the movie , looks terrible 🗑

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