1. Dig the cannabis backdrop and it looks good, you dont see a lot of films do it and do it right

  2. 😱😘15:45 👋🏿 Have a nice day my friend ♥

    **00:01 intro 💖⤴**

    0:10 WHERE’S MY ? 😇
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    0:30 Micah believing the group’s being pranked
    1:04 Mary
    1:21 Panic mode
    1:33 Finding sticks
    1:48 Punching wood
    2:18 Elijah and Josiah’s cockiness
    2:38 Micah doesn’t know how to make naked, Judah told to open about my bio
    3:02 Pretend selfie
    3:05 Micah’s fire until Mary puts it out
    3:27 Bent branch hits Elijah
    3:34 Shiloh’s scream
    3:41 Micah asking where the bathroom is and Elijah questioning Judah
    4:06 Josiah and Elijah’s shelter
    4:22 The girls naked freezing
    4:32 Do you believe in ghosts?
    whether it means you can gain more fans, or know what can crack and break what holds a status quo together. *

  3. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." *Thomas A. Edison

  4. -Alright! We have a shit of a script and a shitload of cast. What do we do?
    -Nipples and guns. And put the nipples on the thumbnail too!

  5. I've heard of trailers that show all the best things that happen in a movie. This is the first time I've ever seen a thumbnail show off the only interesting thing in the movie.

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