THE LAKE Final Trailer (2022)

THE LAKE Final Trailer (2022)
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  1. Really?
    Godzilla playing the part of "Willow" now?
    Willowzilla be thy name.
    Wanna be a godzilla,
    Too Shortzilla,
    Fill in the blank__________________________________________

  2. Waste of time, I can tell that by the way of choosing night time for this monster. Also they are not gonna show more screen time as well.

  3. This doesnt look bad. Just obviously with godzilla and kong runnin around this one loses its shock factor.

  4. Chinas making better movies than fucking holly wood.

    I mean this, the wandering earth. Others I haven’t seen

  5. Does anyone know of a channel that shows the best Korean / Chinese / South East Asia movie trailers? I've seen quite a few good Asian tv series and movies on streaming services and would like to find out more. TIA.

  6. 32:25
    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!

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