THE LAIR Trailer (2022)

THE LAIR Trailer (2022)
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  1. I'm only 18 minutes into the movie so far, but I'm callin bullshit. The man who's jet was shot down, barely moved, and the Taliban lookin guys killed him instantly. But the woman, in two different scenes, is faced with these guys, with their gun trained on her, and they just stand there and wait.. Like, sure, they got no issue strappin bomb vests to children, but killing a woman is clearly beyond their moral jurisdiction..
    Yes; I get that this is just fiction, but I just found that part to be really dumb, not to mention passively sexist.. Like, if you got crappy aim like a James Bond villain, then fine, but at least shoot at her..

  2. All I see is that they missed an opportunity to have the location of the story take place in a subway station and this film could have been called “The Brink”

  3. Hopefully Neil back on form…he hasn't made a good film is years. Should make a sequel to Dog soldiers

  4. I saw this on the weekend and was bitterly disappointed. It could have been so much better but it was so predictable. IMO – don't waste your hard earned money seeing it in theaters. The female lead was pretty good but the supporting cast….. yeah. Not so much. As usual, the female has the right ideas but the men don't listen to her (as usual) and you can guess what happens to them (I'm a guy and this still sh*ts me). Where's a bang head emoji when you need one?

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  6. copyright RE need to pay attention to these guys for the next attempts to do something normal

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