The King's Christmas Broadcast 2022 👑🎄📺 – BBC

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HM King Charles III delivers his first Christmas message to the nation and the Commonwealth.

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  1. I do hope to meet him some day; I admire him so much because he has been through so much. He did love Diana he just was forced to marry her and that was unfair on them both. He never wanted to hurt her but arranged marriage is so harmful and unfair to all involved; even those who arrange it.

  2. God bless you King Charles; I love him so much. He had an arranged marriage and that is so so hard to go through yet he tries to be positive and he is so dignified.

  3. As a citizen of the 13 former colonies along the coast of North America grown to 50 states, I join in the positive reactions expressed here concerning His Majesty's Christmas message. It may come as a surprise to our UK cousins (and others across Google land) that the carol at the end of the video "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" is not British. It was written by an Episcopal minister from the USA who, like the King, was deeply impressed by his visit to Bethlehem. In the case of the clergyman it was in the 19th century. The music played here with the carol is British. There is a different carol tune played in the USA to that carol.

  4. No one gives a flying f about royalty these days. Get with the times and stop giving these clowns attention.

  5. A wonderful speech, and very beautiful carol singing, set in such stunning surroundings. So glad to see this Christmas tradition carry on.

  6. I had to revisit this for the performance of 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem' at the end, that was an emotional moment. But still, the King's speech was a nice message.

  7. One time the one of the mortals races stole all the bodys on tv all the way back to ww2. Bad times

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