THE IDOL Trailer (2022)

Starring: Lily-Rose Depp & The Weeknd

THE IDOL Trailer (2022)
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  1. No one can possibly deny the fact that The show is not high lighting Jennie but Jennie is high lighting the show . Hope can see more screen time of her even though we all know she'll probably get less scenes.. yes am here because of her and hope she slays this Industry as well like how she lightens up other platforms .. we all have seen many forms of Jennie now really very excited to see actor kim Jennie. Her first debut that too Hollywood debut 'The Idol' from Creators of Euphoria… Hope she doesn't get to face the toxic criticism form toxic k fans … Specially the kids who might get hyper abt her in here … Gonna watch it only for a queen like her <3 Loads of love to Nini 🙂 all the best JEN !

  2. HBO will always rocks but I'm started to be tired of violence with no real story behind… Sorry for euphoria fans but it's not twisted to put naked girls, drugs and money on a video…. Sounds like one more lame déjà vu…..

  3. Am I watching porn movie trailer? 🤣😡👋
    This is the future of the world created by these type of movie maker criminals. 👋👋👋

  4. Other tv show about cliche things…Now the TV shows are the same…beautiful girls and excesses, how original 🥱

  5. Cant wait to never see this. Looks absolutely substanceless.

    Minus the trashy stupid powder, of course.

  6. Looks good (SO FAR). So far as trailers go less is more. HBO keeps some trailer vague like this the audience will be more incline to look at the movie.

  7. I wasn’t planning on getting an HBO max sub but I gotta say, after seeing this, I’m still not going to.

  8. Question: 1
    How Far is To Far.

    Whats Dark and Driven by Despair

    Final Question:
    Do you Trust me. Lol, Trick Question

  9. from the creator of euphoria comes a story about more pretentious asswipes

  10. Omg, I thought that was lenny kravitz. That actually weeknd. They looked so much alike. I have to watched the trailer again because I saw weeknd's name but I couldn't find him at first. Lol

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