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  1. Just finished watching it. Easily a solid 3.5 of 10. Enough cheese you’ll need a box of crackers & bottle of wine for finishing it in one sitting.

  2. WOW, someone get a great idea to replace them from south America jungle to frozen Canada, that is how remakes should be made!

  3. Saw the film, very entertaining, a lot of twists and turns, descent flick! Lawrence Fishburne was well casted for his small role, enjoyed it.

    Nowww, having said that; I can say that the reality of the film was extremely ignorant on trucks. The writers of this showed us a whole lot of bullshit because that's NOT how trucks work lol.
    @1:07:47 Fuel line gets ripped off for the passenger-side fuel tank and we're supposed to feel suspense of truck running out of fuel but…she's got the driver side fuel tank!! 😂😂
    Wow these writers know NOTHING about the basics of trucks. So it's false suspense because the truck actually has plenty of fuel w/a WHOLE other tank on the other side.

    @45:00 There's no way they can just recover from that situation without a crane and a whole crew! (Especially being 25 ton loaded in the story!). I mean that's NEVER been done before in our world, that was total bullshit.
    THAT'S what really becomes necessary, and that's a whole project, you're talking about a third of your day.
    Further more even IF they somehow managed a 25 ton miracle, the fifth wheel would have totally been wrecked from the kingpin+load ripping it off. It would not be operational for pulling a load. The story would be over at that point.

    @1:21:20 Is literally impossible, they can't unhook the trailer because they had no access to the burried dolley, so how did they dolley down for the trailer to stand on its own?? (for example @54:47 is what's needed to do at the side of the trailer, which was burried).
    Let's just pretend it was magic that allowed the trailer to stand on its own, there's STILL no way you can hook up your tractor on that narrow road w/the former tractor blocking you!! (I mean it might take you 5 hours to manage it lol, and you still might fail)

    Then at the very end he doesn't even dock the trailer into a dock! Usually you can't unload w/out the elevated ground of a dock but I guess they put straps to the end of the pallet to pull out and a crane maybe mid way.

    (One other little gripe @1:19:27 Liam is not putting any fuel in there lol, It doesn't work that way)
    And yes, I'm a trucker and I found the lack of understanding for reality shocking. But if you ignore the major falsehoods of trucks in there you'll enjoy the film overall. So nevermind me, it's a bunch of uneducated things in there but its still a fun movie!

  4. I just watched it and I would rate it 10/10 for suspense and triller. Great movie and breathtaking storyline. Thanks for making a great Saturday movie night. Even my 8 year old son loved it.

  5. had the misfortune to rent this movie on amazon yesterday, the first scene with that embarrassing CGI sets already the quality of the movie. I said ok..lets keep watching, hopefully I will fall asleep. It is so horrible . stay away.

  6. Ths was one of worst movies i've seen in years. Thank fuck i didn't pay for this and it was on TV… i would've fumed if this was in cinemas. Christ…

  7. Bad guy got beat up, shot, run over, falling from cliff and still come out ok. His brother got pinned for 5 sec and died. Makes total fuckin sense

  8. It’s so fake and unrealistic and politically correct it makes me want to gag coming from someone who lives in the region where this is supposed to be set it. If I knew no better maybe I would’ve enjoyed it, but the writers know nothing of what they’re writing about.
    Classic Hollywood making fake drama and mountains out of molehills. Obviously they’ve never been to Northern Manitoba. The acting was all decent. The story was compelling but totally unrealistic and fake.

  9. This movie sucks! Passing each other on ice and driving 60 kmph they are worst than power rangers . This movie is really bad interpretation of ice roads.

  10. I won't turn down a movie starring Liam Neeson, one of my favourite actors for sure. But the others, what the hell were they doing? The truckdriver girl was just terrible, the brother was fine I guess… All he had to do was to play retarded (sorry Liam, don't hit me). For sure my first time seeing a movie starring Liam Neeson that's kinda ''meh'' actually, hopefully he won't go on starring in B-movies in the future.

  11. This movie sucks..
    Characters are shit, the special effects made with a phone app and the story is mweeeeh.

    Waste of time.


    Well from the moment they drive their trucks and need too hurry to save the others. They do everything accept hurrying (very annoying) taking their time for useless dialogues. And the special effects are just.. well. Pure liquid shit.

    This director must be a fan of M night shyamalan. Hire some bad writers and get a big actor and waste 1,5h time from many people around the world.