THE HUNTING (2022) Official Trailer | 4K UHD | Werewolf Movie

When a mysterious animal attack leaves a mutilated body in the forest, a conservative small town detective must enlist the help of an eager wildlife specialist to uncover the dark and disturbing truth that threatens the town.

THE HUNTING (2022) Official Trailer | 4K UHD Werewolf Movie
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  1. Great video, Moviegasm! We featured your movie trailer this month on our website in "Theater Four". Link is in my bio!

  2. coyotes are tiny, they look like foxes. I hate it when these things say a coyote bit them. A wolf or bigger.

  3. Why are things blurred out in the trailer, will it be that way in the film? Probably see this on Tubi.

  4. it's been a while since there has been a GOOD werewolf movie.

    I hope this ones not a flop 😀

  5. What a tame Werewolf movie, you dont get to see him transform nor any gruesome kills.
    Not even any eyeshots when his eyes goes to yellow wolfeyes.
    One might think this is a kids movie or PG 13.

  6. you guys want werewolves…do yourself a favor and look up RON SPENCER WEREWOLVES…..

  7. Esse trailer mostra o motivo principal Porque as pessoas não têm mais medo de filme de terror ele já mostra tudo o que vai acontecer

  8. Why are they showing this as an upcoming movie? It's been out for a while. Spoiler alert………..
    The bald guy has a twin brother that's the werewolf.

  9. Ok, when they gonna make a werewolf movie that is more like the real version of what a werewolf should look like. Howling. That’s the scary they lack. Tall scary out in the woods Dogman type of creature. It’s not hard omg. The screen grab here looks like what it should, long snout, huge snarl, a real thing of nightmares. We watch this trailer and the monster is like a man in a cheap suit going for Halloween last minute…. just fail. They should go listen to some of these you tubers tell Dogman stories and turn em into scary ass movies, this shit right here is just a damn waste. I pray they make something to give me nightmares like the Howling did. I mean granted the plot needed work, was corny in certain scenes, but at times in most of the Howling movies, the creature attack scenes were pretty scary. I think they should stick to camping in the woods and something is out there. Make it a whole week of camping in an area that has tent options and RV options… and cabins. Then just brutal murders that seem like a giant wolf who has serial killer like intension, is out there. Something like 8 feet tall, like the werewolf they did in that VanHelsing. Am I the only one that these movies just get ruined by crap costume or creature ideas? Omg. Now the wolf man, granted it was not the long snout version, it was still damn scary. Good story too… and amazing camera work, special effects. They do so much on computers now and it can look very very real and it does not cost that damn much. People be just throwing shit effort and expecting the world to love it. So many movie storylines that hs e been ruined by weak effort. Sad. Omg I wish someone huge would just create a good creature and then keep up with sequels that outdid the last. By this time we should be able to have that. I’d rather listen to Dogman Encounters and get truly scared rather than sit through this poop. 😫
    Ooooo I was thinking of what really good writer could probably pull of a good werewolf movie, and my man just suggested something I completely didn’t even think of. Jordan Peele. Omg ok, someone tell him to do it! 😂👍💖

  10. Low budget, bad acting, and no plot. Hillis has a better chance being on the cover of Madden again than this becoming box office

  11. Looks like they spent more on the trailer than the movie itself. Soon as I saw that the werewolf wasnt even cgi I knew it was an asspull movie


  13. You can even tell from the bad acting in the trailer that this is a C grade movie, NEXT!!

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