The House on Pine Street | Full Horror Ghost Movie HD


PLOT: A psychological horror about a young woman coping with an unwanted pregnancy after moving into a seemingly haunted house.

CAST: Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles, Cathy Barnett, Jim Korinke, Natalie Pellegrini, Tisha Swart-Entwistle, Keegan Ellison, Daniel Shirley

Directed By: Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling & Natalie Jones

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  2. When my youngest son was little we moved into a small old house on Pine Street in the small town of Millsap, Tex. It was by the church and elementary school. The house was built over an old Indian Burial ground. Some very strange/odd things happened there!!! I definitely believe in ghosts/spirits, God and Satan!

  3. Well the main actress is stiff the first 10 minutes like she smell something rotten but l think is what they talk her to do in the character. Later gets better l would have like to see a normal person to start with problems yes and not that odd character. The movie is promising.

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