Was Mary Magdalene murdered? Did the Catholic Church conspire to eradicate the Holy Bloodline from existence? To some, Mary Magdalene was the wife or consort of Jesus Christ and they also believe she was assassinated to ensure the Merovingian line.

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  1. I don't know the answer to this but when was the statue of Eleanor erected on Lincoln cathedral and when was the tomb of St margaret put there…only relevant if they were done at the same time

  2. I'm the holy bloodline, guess the AI will come for me now. People rh neg lines are different, we are superhumans, we can read minds, see future, walk in all realms of paralleluniverses. We are different, and average people feel intimidated by us. I try to hide in the crowd, but they see us, feel little and silly. My iq is 156+ and I dont even care. I love you humans but your sillyness makes you mean and barbaric. Much love.

  3. Christ was actually crucified in France. Humanity lost as they lost in translation. Who can believe this fully. ?

  4. What I find so interesting is that for as much as the whole spirituality n sacred feminine thing is blasted by the church, they sure have a lot of symbolism of it in their churches

  5. By Good save us from the background music. I would like to see the film but I just can not take the sound and it is far to loud.

  6. This may have been interesting,but it's so badly put together I could no longer follow the story,not just the annoying music,I couldn't read all the writing it was to dark.

  7. Jesus did not marry Mary. The catholic cult is evil that is true, but Jesus is what the Bible says he is.

  8. I just got the impression from the narrator, that he got his inspiration, (for accumulation this hodgepodge of random & unrelated, or unverifiable pertinent in the ways he claims they are pieces to a puzzle), because Tom Hanks showed up there (& many other locations) to film "The DeVinci Code", THAT was completely pagan!! I couldn't believe ppl protested "The Passion of the Christ", but they didn't bother protesting "The DeVinci Code". Black ppl filmed "The DeVinci Code", that's WHY that was a heathen concept. And, Hispanics protested "The Passion of the Christ", BECAUSE the role of Satan was played by a Hispanic Actor. But, I'm sure the filming being done there, inspired the narrator to become "an expert in the subject" & start weaving his mysterious web of …., well, web of what exactly? I wish I could even figure it out. What is his actual point?!

  9. The Annunciation in Catholicism is; When Mary had the vision of the angel asking Mary if she would be the mother of Jesus. And, Mary replied,"Not my will, but God's will be done". THAT proves that Mary was asked, & knew Who the Father of her child was going to be. It was not a mystery to Mary, how she became pregnant.

  10. All these useless meaningless "clues" (?!). If he actually has ANYTHING to really say, he would retain some credibility by simply saying it. And, he may.even retain some dignity. But I'm posting this 1/2 way though this very mundane documentary. Tourism is very slow world wide due to the corona virus bull$h!t. So, he's trying to stir up interest in, …nothing.

  11. Duzze putz= You're crazy, the crazy. They shorten it frequently simply saying; Duzze or putz to mean crazy.

  12. Taking into consideration what is obvious about many of the British nobles who are Rock Stars, drug addicts, & that proverbial warning that ppl put their hands to their mouths in shock & horror that anyone can end up looking so wretched. Once psychedelic drug acid dropping freaks could think they could randomly mix all those not connected things in the architecture, art, & engravings to patch together anything different than how it was meant in the 1st place. This proves that Pagans cannot be truly converted. They worship Satan, they are druids & wiccans.

  13. They had to wait until the Queen died, or she would have exiled them all for such blasphemy!!!

  14. I don't think anyone has ever attempted to present such a hodgepodge of bull$h!t, with a straight face before. 1st & foremost, TIME; historical, chronological, means nothing to those idiots. And, it's hilarious, some is written in French (?!?!), & Some in Roman (again ?!?!) really, LOL!!! Satan worshippers. We no longer need to wonder WHO is the False Prophet (or antichrist). Who would put a dog in a Last Supper portrait?! Hmmm, let's see, maybe,… SATAN!!

  15. They increase the volume of the music when the talk & also show writing that doesn't say what the narrator is saying, to try to help them baffle everyone with their bull$h!t. The Satan worshipers have taken over in England now!! Surely, the Queen is spinning in her grave over this!!

  16. Lincoln Cathedral refuses the scan of the grave because they know more is in the grave than the body of Mary Magdalene. It's very dangerous to persue it further. That's all I'll say about it.

  17. Spoiler it would be sad if she was beheaded – many of Jesus disciples were also murdered and still are in the present time so Jesus goes on and The Heavenly Father sees it all

  18. The Knights Templar surely didn't want to have too many visitors near St. MARGARETH'S GRAVE……..??

  19. Why didn't you taken a compass searching these tunnels..?? And you should put signs on the tunnels you already researched…..a cross with crayon or chalk….??

  20. the 1st children of creation were given tree of life ways. and they still today they honor the sacred tree of life ways. it is even in all kinds of biles this fact. right? and tree of life returns again at end of age/'time'/revelation 22… right? todays times. and those 1st sacred children are 'red man'. they still honor the tree of life to this day. go to a near by reservation and ask to join or learn of the tree of life from the holyones/lodge holders.. they will tell you same thing but in their own way. stop listening to satans governments bro.

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