The GRIPPING opening scene of Happy Valley Series 3 | BBC

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It never goes away. Sgt Catherine Cawood is tough, defiant and facing her traumatic past. Sarah Lancashire in Sally Wainwright’s northern noir.

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  1. Happy Valley is good and this scene was alright, but I'd hardly call it 'GRIPPING' (whether in capitals or not!) 😂

  2. Ah Sarah Lancaster is so brilliant.. happy Valley is one of the best BBC detectives ever

  3. Been waiting FOREVER for this!! Can't wait. Not sure why it took so long to start season 3? They coulda just found a different/similar actor to play the young boy

  4. unlike Morse, which i adored, this show takes full advantage of normal english weather….Not More, i think it was Lewis, that always filmed in Oxford in the Summer, on sunny days! at one point i thought it was the Bahamas

  5. Just discovered this show when I got a VPN and was able to stream the BBC iPlayer. Got hooked with series 1 and then 2, and now I'm disappointed series 3 is to be the last! Bugger all!

  6. I though the scenes where they decided to turn a blind eye to the grooming gangs was so well played.

  7. Cliche Feminist garbage: The guys are portrayed as patronising oafs put in their place by a smart woman who can more than hold her own.

  8. I,m sorry but a crime drama with Welsh accents is hilarious. A bit like the Bristol Terminator "Have yoo seed Sara Conner? 'ave you??"🤣🤣

  9. I lived in the area for a time, it’s wonderful to revisit it. Plus she’s a marvellous actor and it’s all brilliantly done.

  10. You Tell them Girl, That Shut them 2 up about the Past, Ha Ha, Concrete Grave, I haven't heard that Saying for years,

  11. I remember seeing the TV trailers for this drama back in 2014. I then decided that it probably wasn't my cup of tea, thinking it was about a bobby in the countryside. How wrong I was!. I recently watched S1, Ep1 and was completely hooked by Sarah's acting and character role and the clever story line.
    I ended up watching S1, S2 back to back and am now on S3!. Excellent written drama.

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