Who are the Grey Aliens and what is their interest in our World? In this documentary we explore the possible motives behind three of the most prolific encounters in our history: The Roswell Incident, the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction and the Abduction of Travis Walton

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  1. They look like ants with out the antenas,,looks at us we are just like a hive off ants,we need each in order to survive but there are one or two that get away and live the owe lifes

  2. Aliens are human hybrids. Created here on this earth.
    Reagan spoke of an alien invasion many times. He said its what we need to unite all countries against a common enemy.

    I think one alien race may help us against a Johnny come lately.
    But they are all one. It will be a hoax.

  3. This is about resource acquisition. It is coming from off-world in a needy universe where worlds like ours are few and far between. Listen up. Allies of Humanity. Read The Briefings. Allies of Humanity. It makes it all make sense, but to understand, you have to take the stretch and accept that they are here, in our skies and on the ground in back offices. Read it. You'll understand. I am an advocate for the Allies and warn you……. be 100% sure you are voting 100% human.

  4. What if they come from inside the earthā“ļø What if their flying disc's is a way 2 reach into the Heaven'sā“ļø First, the Tower of Babel & now this. God is the CREATOR of ALL things šŸ™. Don't 4 get that when Satan fell, a 1/3 of the angel's fell with him. Get right with the man guys.

  5. First 3 minutes into video. I have known ET is a reality since I was a kid, and have often wondered and speculated about what it would be like to meet ET face to face. I finally did meet and ET at 70 ears old. That meeting was way beyond anything I had anticipated, and the feelings it produced are impossible to describe except to say "WOW!"

  6. They're definitely not having vaginal births given their large heads so how does that work?

  7. The Grey's are only clones. There is more species in the underground government bases that the Military Aliance is working with. There is A LOT hidden from us. The truth is slowly coming out

  8. I and my lady saw the proof coming home from Lincoln Nebraska! All you sceptics will eat crow very soon! When we saw it I said nothing! Waited for her to say something! She said "did you see that?". I yelled YES! I was so happy she saw the same thing I did and wasn't put into her mind or mine! We were both forward facing and quiet! Then it happened! When she asked I was so ready to here the question! I said yes before she got the last word! Then we discussed it and was the coolest thing that ever happened to me! I am 59 years old!

  9. the fact that Betty was able to draw the Orion Star Map perfectly under hypnosis years before it was discovered proves this was real.

  10. many ET species fear our planets future, and want us to become a Type 1 Civilization- a world without war, which can harness the power of the planet to to use instead of fossil fuels or dangerous nuclear power.

  11. there are MANY different types of "Grey's." and many other species. some are protecting Earth, others want to use us for their own agenda's. both are happening right now. they are already here. among us. underground. in military bases.

  12. Roswell They described it as a flying disc / Flying saucer. Yet the Military stated they only found Debris which we where lead to believe was aluminium foil. If that's the case how did they 100% determine it was a flying saucer? you cant mistake a disc for scraps of foil like what you'd see when you do a Sunday roast!. Roswell explanations by the military have never added up.

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