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PLOT: Internet video blogger David Baker is invited by Carol, an eccentric and lonely woman, to investigate supernatural occurrences in her home. He is instructed that he is free to film everywhere except for her grandmother’s room upstairs. At first, he sees nothing. However, things take a ghostly turn as he slowly discovers that things aren’t what they seem and, even worse, it could be that something wants to follow him out.

CAST: Nicolas Shake, Chloe Dumas, Benjamin Polounovsky, Boris Anderssen Comar

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  1. The psychic is giving me acting to hard vibes. Because i swear it's like he's trying to be Al Pachino. And the ending… like where the hell did he even go? How did he end up where he was? That makes no sense, it's like they didn't quite know what to do so they just kind of shrugged and did whatever.

  2. This surely is the very worst acted found footage horror movie ever, and has the most pathetic script. It made me hate the characters, especially the main one who I wanted to see die badly by the end. Must've been bored to watch it all, although I did fast forward through a lot of it. It really was barely watchable.

  3. ahahaha love the way u all MOCK the realm before entering DONT UN UNDERSTAND there their in the car with u UR ENTERING THIS REALM AS SOON A WAKE UP TWIN DUEL CONTRACTS UR BODY N U

  4. I did like this one alot better then the last found footage horror movie that I waisted last night this one definitely makes up for it I really really liked this one great story that had me guessing as only horror can thanks for posting

  5. man the first 5 min of this movie is just terrible borderline unwatchable it sounds like english isnt their native language so the dialog just seem awkward and lame i wouldnt be surprised if they didnt have a script but for a found footage movie its one of the good ones

  6. 3/4 through and I've enjoyed it thoroughly…until the "psychic" showed up (you'll see what I mean) 😂

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