THE FLASH Trailer (2022) Movie

Check out the new trailer for The Flash.

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THE FLASH Trailer (2022) Movie
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  2. What did the Flash pull the covers off of? The Batmobile? Is that him going "Holy Shit!" in reaction? A man who can run around the planet 7 times in one second is impressed by a CAR?? Any car on the planet would be laughably, unbearably slow to the Flash. His reaction would not be "Holy Shit!" but "What a piece of Shit!"

  3. Micheal Keaton's gonna show up for one minute of the movie which is predictably the end of the movie when they form the justice league that's when he asks are you in it's show Micheal in the bat suit and that's gonna be the end of the movie I have a gut feeling that's gonna be this movies money making anchor pull Im not really a dc fan I like marvel but I'll sure watch this one when it streams or hits Redbox

  4. I’m actually more impressed with the Flash on CW. More likeable. Keaton is the man though.

  5. This film is based on the "Flashpoint" storyline, where the Flash created an alternate universe by accident whilst trying to prevent his mother's death. This results in a new reality where the world is in chaos and Barry Allen must locate and bring together a Justice League to make things right.

  6. Is the flash gay? Honestly is he a homosexual? Is he not a homosexual but a keatons sex slave ???? These questions need to be answered but I’m not paying the price of admission to do it.

  7. Honestly couldn’t care less about the flash, but to see Michael Keaton as Batman again, well worth the price of admission

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