A scientific and scholarly argument for ancient alien and UFO visits to our Earth during a time when man lived among his Gods as cited in the Bible.

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  1. Entire subject of Aliens living among us the human beings appears to myself absolutely like some fairies tail stories almost like a legend.

  2. Is it just me or does Adam Weisvapt look like a modern day AI generated fake person… Like the illuminati of the 1800's said let's just draw a fake person and call him "Adam" and say he was the originator of the illuminati…

  3. Something about this is fear mongering and Im not sure exactly what parts are legit but tptb would love to use this type of thing on its own masses.

  4. I remember when the towers fell and the other buildings that collapsed and they claim it was the shock of the towers but we herd the explosions in rapid succession people got hurt from these explosions and they don’t talk about it I remember the fireman and police the world was down there we was outside watching it and those booms sounds and the building falling not just the towers but the other smaller but big buildings without getting hit with anything just hearing explosions that’s when we thought we was under attack and the fireman told us there are bombs and the subway was close we had to cross the buildings no one at that time seen a plane or though it was a plane I still don’t get in the memorial these people who lost family from the planes that supposedly hit the buildings never show up on 9/11 it’s only the families who lost a fireman or cop or people who died that day there isn’t never flight 175 and flight 11 I’m sorry but that day we was lied to and even after I had a family member who was a supervisor for con Edison and operated heavy machinery for removal and sadly she still is fighting for her life from being down there but not once did they get any plane parts and it was ground zero with huge steel walls she had to remove and they picked up everything from body parts to steel beams cars absolutely no plane these building fell through the streets five stories down yet you believe what you want but I know what I witnessed

  5. Aliens look just like people and all those UFO sightings are aliens dropping off their human species on our planet coronavirus was there shoulder to bump half of our population off so they can move on our planet, we are under a incognito invasion attack of freedom and life just noticed this Ukraine war might touch on America soil before the summer these aliens have a plan to take our planet, please investigate this as soon as possible

  6. Nice Government we have! I don't trust them for anything. They even mess up our soldiers and have used them for experiments!!! How saaaad and furiousome

  7. 1:00:00 could they have picked creepier footage?
    Also, there were no live feeds on any of the rovers, so, ya know there's that… kinda conflicts with her story…

  8. I find it really hard to believe the “aliens” will hold up their part of the bargain seeing as we’ve heard about the deal Eisenhower made with them. They didn’t hold up their part of the deal back then. If God allowed it to play out that way, the Illuminati would be killed by the “aliens” or used as slaves themselves because they don’t want to share our planet with any humans, they want it for themselves.

  9. 38:40 "vivid blue Chinese type slant eyes" ok, aside from being uncomfortable with the phrasing there, have you ever seen an Asian with blue eyes?? I effing haven't.

  10. Wow this would make an excellent plot for the Xfiles..oh whoop that’s right it already did

  11. Disguising face and voice while proceeding to tell exactly where he worked and in what position 🤣🤣

  12. Its ok to have an open mind but not so much that your brain falls out of your head. I agree with some of the view points, but one logical hang up is, Why would any advanced civilization need a treaty or any other document singed to allow them to take humans? It would be well with in their ability to do so regardless.

  13. It is true, if The U.S. Government got their hands on this type of technology, they would be tempted to use it as a weapon, but more likely, before that, the psychopaths who tell the politicians what to do, would use this technology to enslave the rest of us, for their selfish wants.
    This is the real reason for all the secrecy anyway. The oligarchs must pick over all the material, in order to satisfy their selfish wants first.

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