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  1. Even though folks like the Bakkers (and their followers) make my skin crawl, I will definitely watch this with a large side order of schadenfreude. 👍

  2. I remember when this whole scam was finally exposed. I lived in Dallas at the time and around the same time the Dallas Morning News also exposed the scam that Robert Tilton was running at his "church" and TV show. A bunch of them were exposed around this time; Peter Popov, Jimmy Swagaert and others. The sad thing is, they are all back at the scam again like nothing happened and people are still falling for it. Barnum was right: people are fools.

  3. Really? Jessica Chastain is the title character and you still only put Andrew Garfield in the description? Sexist.

  4. 1:27 my friend Jimmy has a brother that can sing really well and I remember that I was at this party where he was singing this very song

  5. It so nice to see Andrew play in movies again, I haven’t seen him for a long time. Looks cool! Will definitely watch it

  6. Jessica Chastain is such an amazing actress and because she's the starring roll she will make this movie a huge success….she's never played in a shitty movie yet so I can't wait to see this….

  7. The eye of tammy trailer] to be extremely honest I don't think I ever seen this before I think it's new to me. I absolutely love this show is absolutely amazing ever nice. I think the writer and producer and director and crew executive producer and script did a great job making this film look so unique

  8. The movie looks good, but dam they should have not revealed that much about the movie. I feel like recently a lot of movie trailers have been spoiling major events of their movie.

  9. I watched nearly the whole trailer before I realized that was Jessica Chastain. Hell, I only realized it because the trailer listed it.

  10. Spiderverse predictors this is what Andrew Garfield has been involved in for the past film sessions of Spiderman far from home🤷🏾‍♂️