The EPIC opening scene of Peaky Blinders 😲🔥 BBC

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Remember where it all began? Here’s the epic opening scene of Peaky Blinders…

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  1. Love the use of Cantonese and traditional Chinese! Never watched Peaky Blinders, but the mood is very cinematic.

  2. This series is almost addictive when I heard about it around 9 months back I was wondering what this is all based on..? But When I finished 1st series I was on a chase to know what happens next Tommy remained in my mind like I just got to know what he does next and what's his next move since then PB becomes all-time favorite series I have enjoyed each episode like Is if I was a member of the gang.. Love this to the core.

  3. I am now season 4 episode 3 (the Peaky Blinders did exist, the charismatic Tommy Shelby, his brothers and his company are fictional, but they are heavily inspired by very real bandits, who terrorized an entire generation of Birmingham, England The story is obviously fictionalized starting with its temporality) with Cillian Murphy alias Thomas Shelby / Paul Anderson alias Arthur Shelby / Tom Hardy alias Alfie Solomons / Hélène McCrory alias Polly Gray / Sophie Rundle alias Ada Shelby / Finn Cole alias Michael Gray / /// Netflix Casablanca derbsoltan Morocco 🇲🇦

  4. I never saw Peaky Blinders but that is a great opening scene & Nick Cave is a great soundtrack.

  5. The best show ever created!!! Such a shame that it was a limited series. Tommy Shelby haunts my dreams and I am living for it!!! 😍🥰

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  7. For spoiler reasons let's don't say how this show was ended… It should surprise the audience. A lot of viewers of this video haven't watched this show for sure.

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