1. Elon is the man whom I respect the best in the world 🤩🤩🤩I really want to meet him in person!!!!!!😍😍😍

  2. The show !!of the foolish boy who is used by Russian maphia. There is no place for his shows on BBC for Russian propaganda

  3. Which episode covers the part where Elon becomes a kiss-up to the Chinese government?

  4. Elon Musk just betrayed Ukraine and sided with the axis of evil Russia and China, all Tesla users are in danger!

  5. Muskow pls take a few of your rockets and fly of to another rock in the universe pls. Thank you.

  6. Elon has just blocked internet in Ukraine after spoken with dictator putin, he is truly human garbage. He loves money and intention > anything.

  7. He's a horrible person..turns off Starlink for Ukraine because what, did Russia ask him too..another Putin kiss up..sick..Starlink should be he'd picking sides in a war he doesn't belong in

  8. I'm so excited when I opened my wallet and I saw my payment of $47k what a boost, I'm proud of your honesty and the way you generate bitcoin profit, you are the only solution I trust and guarantee everyone to trade with 👆

  9. Traitor for evil to succeed good men must do nothing. They were attacked and butchered and your saying they don’t deserve justice why are all billionaires disconnected. There is no benefit to society from billionaires more taxes should bring them down to earth

  10. Propaganda, it's what China was referring too when they said he'd be sorry. Thing is this guy is too smart for those smucks!

  11. Dear dear….i hope this man NEVER gets a show of his own. He is one arrogant out of touch weirdo.

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