The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet | Trailer

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Prince William’s star-studded environmental awards ceremony honours environmental solutions that help restore and protect our planet.

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  1. Just watched BBC's coverage of Earthshot 2022… Go those ideas !! I really hope this gets bigger and bigger and people grab these ideas and find their own too. Hats off to these clever and dedicated teams & thank you HRH Prince William for bringing this into World view.

  2. Here we are, a brother who is working with many to safe the planet….and the other who works with his evil wife to promote their unworthy selves to destroy HIS OWN family

  3. More promotion needed for this.
    Love what it’s for and needed,
    But can’t be shy big issue big names and big coverage needed

  4. THE BIGGEST ECO-PRIZE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! I am totally excited that they're coming to Boston USA! Prince William has worked so hard and created a Foundation for the WORLD to start doing something, instead of just talking, about making the world livable for the future! And Also, Catherine's work with young children is WORLD CLASS – she walks the walk with her work, she has travelled the globe researching ways to raise the next generation in the best way possible to give them all a better start in life. I can't wait to see William and Catherine here in BOSTON! Awesome! William has worked so hard and his commitment to Earthshot is very appreciated by not just the UK, but the whole WORLD. I'm not really a monarchist, but I am a progressive liberal Democrat who votes – and I can't help but love those two from across the pond! I hope the good people show Catherine and William a BOSTON USA PROUD WELCOME!

  5. Yes, and actually do it. we would be SO happy following! get rid of the unncessary, newer, 2000's architecture and homes. make people live TOGETHER again (so you can get rid of all of the excess, newer apartments they have) so we can free up the land. let's get back to making things beautifully and with passion.

  6. This blew me away last year! Looking forward to seeing the outstanding work/genius of this years contestants 😊

  7. "Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." *Les Brown

  8. High profile people doing this is what is needed to get people doing the right thing. You can't get much higher than the 'of Windsor' clan. I know they are privileged people who don't need to worry about money but people still look up to them as role models.

  9. *To obtain financial freedom in life, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, while generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis*..🇨🇦🇨🇦

  10. Our Maker, Designer, Architect and Father is also our Employer and will soon send Son our Boss, Overseer to RID all human's opposed to his Authority as human's on their own are on the Brink of destroying all Life as well as the Earth itself. Jeremiah 10:23

  11. If any award whatsoever goes to anyone that isn't repairing global soil, and encouraging soil carbon sequestration through the return of an agrarian family farm model where unskilled human labor combined with natural production and solar energy capture, everything about this event is a lie. I predict absolutely no one will even say the word Rhizosphere, let alone suggest having unskilled human labor facilitate the spread and proliferation of the Rhizosphere as a global carbon battery.

    Everything else is a lie that can't and won't prevent catastrophic climate fluctuations, mass extinction, and ultimately global resource wars.

    Save the soil, save the world. There is no other way. You can't compartmentalize and divide the efforts of humanity while sustaining any logically derived faith in solutions that aren't holistic. The solution has to be all inclusive, and it has to come from unskilled (and preferably impoverished) human hands. Technological solutions cannot scale fast enough. Consolidated corporate solutions only serve to increase profitability and relieve public perception of the absolutely catastrophic level of this disaster.

    We can't "reduce" " reuse" or "recycle" our way out of this. And just planting trees, harms the soil.

    I know the vast majority of you have been programmed by media to think "saving trees" "going renewable" and "recycling" is the answer. But none of those are answers, they are reactions. Reactions that are all knee jerk, and don't work.

    I'm going to pre-emptively debunk every so-called "solution" you are going to see in this Earthshot event. And it's going to make some of you lividly angry. But I don't care because being right, is better than being popular. It pickles my cucumber just right. Snappy with a bit of hot spice.

    Anywho, here's the truth you don't even want you to know. The greatest contributor to atmospheric carbon levels isn't burning fossil fuels. It isn't the production of meat, and certainly isn't the production of consumer manufacturing. It isn't the production of energy at all. It's Industrial Agriculture. Napkin math and the measure of carbon density found in industrially modified soil tells you very clearly that many gigatons of carbon used to be contained within the top meter of productive soils globally. And Industrial Agriculture, along with a misunderstanding of soil ecology prior to the Industrial Revolution have placed all of that carbon directly into the atmosphere through things like tilling, chemical sterilization of soil, and the extraction of all soil sequestered carbon to produce, food.

    Yes, your lettuce, your tomatoes, AND your meat, milk, and eggs. They are all carbon. Your waste is all carbon too. So the problem, is we, as a species have broken the carbon cycle. Completely. Carbon is no longer is pulled from the atmosphere and pushed to the bottom dead layer of the Rhizosphere where it can be contained as microbial waste indefinitely. As was the case for ALL fossil fuels burnt today. Your food, is the carbon crisis. Let's give that it's own paragraph and bigger letters.


    We broke the system into component parts, and didn't put it back together right. Mistakes were made. Now until these specific mistakes are COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY fixed, every other solution is moot. Because much like delusional US monetary debate over how to spend public funds ignores the 650 Billion+ dollar a year elephant in the budget, Industrial Agriculture dwarfs all other sources of atmospheric carbon combined.

    So here's hardest bit to digest. In order to fix this, we need to stop focusing on corporate and industrial renewables. Consolidation is a huge part of the problem. Consolidation requires the addition of distribution therefor, making in unsustainable, in every respect, from every possible perspective. You can't escape the need of consolidated production of any kind to produce a sustainable holistic system. Instead we need to widely distribute consumer product manufacturing among self contained, solar powered, cottage industries. It doesn't make sense in isolation, but as part of a holistic system, it's the only answer. If you read this far and keep reading, you'll get it.

    We also need to stop restricting the fossil fuel and energy industries. I know, horrible thought. Completely counter intuitive, we all know energy production and fuel production are massive contributors to the crisis. However, again, they aren't the majority producers, and without the distribution and continental infrastructure required, wouldn't even be part of this discussion. It is vitally imperative that over the short term, large amounts of fossil fuel and energy are produced in order to facilitate a transition to a more sustainable model for society. If we don't, we can't overcome the carbon crisis, nor build out the real solution to all of these problems. As well as the looming global resource conflicts.

    Are you ready for it? The solution? The REAL solution for everyone everywhere? I donno… Just kidding. I'm from the internet, so every fiber of my digital being wants to end this with a Fresh Prince meme. But I'm not gonna do that to you. Or my mother back in West Philly.

    The real solution, is YOU.

  12. "Innovations" are in the most expensive cars, expensive cloth, expensive houses. You can afford that with the money of everyone. Nobody pay us the common people to live a rich life like you do to speak that easily.
    You already got money from the country, from your brother, from your mother, from your family, and you can invest that money in better public transport and public needs. Use that money you already have.

  13. This is all I need to trust we’re going some where as human species. If there is a work ethic for the natural world and people, I’m in. Thank you for making me believe in this difficult moments we need to learn from the environment we create.

  14. Hopefully we'll make some progress, big or small! Can't wait to see the applications.

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