The Dashers | Chapter 4

Dashers, assemble! Our heroes hatch a plan to stop the villainous Quanti, but will it work? Find out next week in the final chapter of ‘The Dashers’, our new comic with DoorDash Learn more at

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  1. The only people paid less than Dashers are the artists that got suckered into drawing this "comic".

  2. Please marvel next comics sentry Angel of everything above the Omniversl comics and this comics involve one above all divine creator fulcrum on form Beyonder true form Oblivion on below all molicole man Lucifer dark Angel Michael and above the Omniversl characters Angel race and above the Omniversl characters Beyonders race and all marvel characters in hands powers and darkhood race this every characters involve new sentry comics sentry Angel of everything sentry son of God of everything and first appearance God of everything this comics my vision

  3. I want to see the episode where the Dashers struggle to pay rent and have to decide to skip meals in order to put gas in their cars, and max out credit cards in order to get their brakes fixed because Door Dash as a company are extraordinarily greedy and pay their workers a base pay of $2.75.

  4. Trash. Disney is prostituting the Marvel name to whoever pays and in this case it's DoorDash. This is not a DoorDash ad. It's Disney telling the world that Marvel is for sale.

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