The Dashers | Chapter 1

Dashville locals are suddenly slowing down, and their eyes are glowing ice blue. What’s going on, and who will step up to save them?

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 of ‘The Dashers’, a new comic we created with DoorDash. Learn more at

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  2. I hate this with every fiber of my being. These gig companies are evil and destroying the country.

  3. Your phase 4 movies are rubbish and she hulk is just filler the action scenes are too short and the final fights are not funny. You have no quality. Thor 4 could be a great movie but they ruined everything, never stop Disney, Disney has to stop intervening. IT'S CLEAR TO YOU. If I see another movie with poor quality and 3 second action scenes I swear I will bring the company down on you.

  4. I actually dig this. Motion comics are something I love to see, made one for my uni project.

  5. Funny how Doordash can afford to collaborate with Marvel but they can't afford to pay dashers more than $2.50 for a 50 minute drive from pickup to drop-off.

  6. can't wait to see the Diligent Dashers join Earth's mightiest heroes to take down the next big bad in the MCU😁

  7. So a 2 minute ad for Door Dash using motion comics? But it's not an ad, just a Marvel creation sponsored by Door Dash? Um ok.

  8. I'm assuming that was a white male character… And I'm quite surprised! After watching She-Hulk I thought Marvel is going to get rid of all their male characters.

  9. MARVEL is doing too much! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Kevin Feige is hands down BRILLIANT!

  10. Marvel comics cancelled their collab with Northrop Grumman a few years ago, because it was seen in poor taste. Looks like they need a reminder.

  11. So Disney plans on prostituting the Marvel brand to anyone who will pay. Disgusting. How low will this go?

  12. Everything I know about comics tells me the CEO of doordash is a super villain.

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