The Billion Dollar Code | Official Trailer | Netflix

No one knows this story. In Berlin in the 90s, two friends, Carsten and Juri, create Terra Vision, something that seemed impossible at the time: the precursor to Google Earth. 25 years later, the German computer nerds are facing the global corporation in court. The Billion Dollar Code, based on a true story, starting Oct. 7. Only on Netflix.


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The Billion Dollar Code | Official Trailer | Netflix

In 1990s Berlin, an artist and a hacker invented a new way to see the world. Years later, they reunite to sue Google for patent infringement on it.

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  1. The audio says skipping and the subs jerking and it's in every second sentence. Good series but skipping/jerking drives me mad. How they come with such a stupid translation for both audio and subs.

  2. the patent covered precise technical aspects contained in the google earth source code, all covered by patent, google had a predatory tactic at the time, it stole the patented technologies, but did not pay the patent owners, since an infringement lawsuit costs 29 million of dollars then no one was suing google

  3. This is basically what happened to every German invention after WW2. Most of it got stolen by the Allies, Germany was never mentioned again.

  4. This is the fate of everybody who think " America will make our dream come true" the fate of everybody who believe that lies. America is not good as you see. Bill gate Steve jobs. they stole from others . they are behind almost all chaos in 20 century . the same fate with TEzuka Osamu Kimba the white lion that was stole by Disney to make lion king 1994 after he is dead in 1989.

  5. IF Google was a German company and US people sued them they woudl WIN EASILY, but Google is from USA so they will win automatcially….

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  7. This was a fantastic series. Binged it. I love technology and its history but I had no real idea of this story!