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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2023
00:03 Knock at the Cabin
02:37 Renfield
04:53 Plane
05:50 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
08:03 Sharper
10:08 Shotgun Wedding
11:35 Beau is Afraid
13:53 Somebody I Used To Know
15:56 Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom
18:06 Oppenheimer
19:58 Barbie
21:10 Evil Dead Rise
23:36 Sick
25:16 Disquiet
26:41 Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
28:49 At Midnight
31:09 Detective Knight: Independence
32:38 Seriously Red
34:52 Rye Lane
36:59 There’s Something Wrong With The Children
38:41 Legion of Super-Heroes

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  1. It's what.. like 2% of people champion LGBTQ but they've still somehow managed to saturate the entire film industry with their devicive bullshit.. 🤷

  2. Wow lots of of Crap this year he. More Woke Broke garbage only a handful of movies worth any money

  3. I can’t believe they’re adding same sex marriage I’m sick of the propaganda of lgbtq ideals

  4. Wow. 😐 They finally did it…
    They killed "movies". All it took was bad writing, rabid inclusivity, a stupid audience and a bunch of money.
    I have literally SHAT a better movie line-up

  5. If these are the best upcoming movies of 2023 I guess I'll be watching them on Netflix after their brief disastrous run in movie theaters.

  6. No wonder Hollywood is failing. Got to push the woke bollocks agenda that no one wants. Ie first trailer. Two guys together, Asian (adopted I presume ) child. We're all sick of it. No original ideas anymore. No directors willing to push the boundaries .Hollywood is a cesspit of pedos and virtue signalling douchebags.

  7. side of her to their advantage. I couldnt speak up for myself until my people who i thought were my friends repeatedly disrespected me. And

  8. Jesus, its really bad. Where are the days of original movies with good stories such as Hook, Jurrassic Park, the Matrix, Terminator…

  9. When did entertainment become life when did life become boring our efforts to make life less difficult has made us complacent and trivialized life to the point we seek to fill the humdrum boredom of life with amazing tales of adventure and danger we take life for granted. And we are blissfully unaware of our impending demise. And the clear motivations of the liberal left to sexualize children is pure evil.

  10. If this is the best upcoming movies a bunch of woke garbage then maybe the world will be tossed a bone for once and the end of Hollywood and celebrity is near

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