The Best Movies Based On TRUE STORIES #3 (Trailers)

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Included in this compilation are:
00:00 The Best Movies Based On True Stories
00:03 Patriot’s Day
02:31 The Founder
04:30 Only The Brave
06:49 Rush
09:09 Harriet
11:28 Fighting With My Family
13:52 Captain Phillips
16:12 The Theory of Everything
18:38 Official Secrets

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  1. 9:26 I used to think that dreams do not come true, but this quickly changed the moment I laid my eyes on you

  2. CIA organized movies to control the ideas of what happened through hollywood (which they own). straight brainwashing. this should be "very loosly based on true stories to make you believe what the government wants you to believe"

  3. rush is undefeatable as a racing movie …..the rivalry is not just competition its emotion and its bigger than any race in f1 history.

  4. In the first trailer, it showed a Muslim suspect & it been accused of terrorism which is totally false. Because america creates a problem first for the world & then starts labeling everyone that they are the reason that all of this or that is happening. Then your media be like "oh it's a true story.

  5. It's important to let most wildfires burn…. It's gunna cause a whole lot more havoc later on if they are put out as a standard. If you die fighting a fire in the woods "short of maybe only the Australian fire that occurred recently" you died hurting the earth worse. If you wanted to help you'd have far better luck setting small to largeish controlled fires in areas that regularly don't get enough rainfall to sustain the growth.

  6. Top 5 movies based on true stories/events

    4. ULTRA MAN
    5. PIKACHU

  7. I know it fighting with my stinking family I didn't watch the movie I don't like it I don't want to see it why Paige I rather see a biopic on Eddie Guerrero

  8. Rush is my favourite movie of all time, everything about it is perfect from the cast , production etc, everything is just perfect, I never watch movies more than once except this 1

  9. To this day, I still don't understand how Daniel Brühl could have been robbed of an Academy Award nomination. His Niki Lauda was out of this world. And Rush is far too underrated. It's a wonder. (Am I crying watching the trailer? Yup!)

  10. i had cryed so much for these kids , so youngs 4:30. Anyway I will add :
    1. Everest
    3.Princess and the Marine
    4. Adrift
    5.Mark Felt
    6.Miracle of Heaven
    8.Enemy of the states
    9.The Pursuit of Happiness
    12.First Man
    13.Hackshaw ridge
    14.deepwater horizon
    15.From straight to as' Xxx

  11. surely someone must see the irony that the guy who apparently helped franchise Mcdonalds or whatever was originally like a milkshake maker sales person….I cant be the only one who thinks that's ironic-