1. My man. This batman is going to be dark violent and a hero for Gotham. And has to beat up his villains. Hopefully theirs a Robin in the film.

  2. It looks so strange and mechanical. The chest plates look uncomfortable. The logo looks somewhat like Nightwing's.

  3. I cannot find my right angle too look like my favourite super-hero.😂 It's just a co incident that a found an Australian soldier who covers my shit.

  4. Greatness!!! This might be my favorite Batsuit to date!! The GODDAMN BATMAN!! 😍😍😍

  5. i noticed how the shoulder pads and chest plate move differently…like its not just a 1 piece suit… NOICE

  6. I thought they put some weight on this guy! I don't want no skinny Batman! And I'm supposed to believe this is the guy who can take on 6 men at 1 time.
    Batman is supposed to be 6 '2 220 pounds

  7. Sorry, not a fan. As soon as I heard Robert Patterson cast as Batman, nope. If he was cast as a different character then maybe, but not Batman, he's not big enough, sure he can bulk up a little but he's the scrawny type and I get that he can learn martial arts and you can put intelligence in any character, but yeah, I wanted Scott Adkins, not Robert, I know his acting has improved since twilight, but again, he just doesn't have the build. He would've made a better green goblin, oh wait, that's marvel lol. I wish him luck on the Batman. If the reviews are good, I'll probably see it, but until then, it's not on my bucket list

  8. In this version I can see the stitching in his cowl. So maybe its more plated leather or something.

  9. Is it just me or does he look like daredevil in da face lol but i cant wait till this movie come out !!

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