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  1. Ooh, whoopie-dee-doo….. yet another Batman movie…. how many times can they show the same "brooding hero" who tries to disguise his voice by talking lower?!

  2. Let me tell y'all sumthing DC comics is out of control . It's the best and this movie will be awesome Batman rocks

  3. Who else feels that animated movies and games are better than real life adaptation …unless it's the dark knight movie of bale

  4. It blows my mind that Colin Farrel is the penguin. Talk about good effects crew, Patterson is going to own this role. This is the dark, gritty Batman that it should be. He fights psychotic serial killers. This looks like how Batman would be. I am super excited for this! When he said, “I’m Vengeance” in the first trailer, I got goosebumps. Now seeing him march straight first into bullets…… this is going to be Amazing!

    As others have said, this has the movie Seven vibes which still is one of the best psychological thrillers/horror films ,that with the atmosphere, lighting, and environment made it one of the top films ever.

  5. Any ideas if that mafia guy was a falcone? And are riddler and catwoman the only villians in it I saw what looked like joker and penguin 🐧 henchmen maybe I'm clutching

  6. Juzgue mal esta pelicula por lo que veo,pero ese es el Batman real como debe de cer no con infantil y estupidez.

  7. Such a soft, weak, impotent voice for, The Batman! Little sisters would not even be afraid of a pale glitter vampire.

  8. बकवास DC वाले पूरी फ़िल्म रात में शूट करते हैं इस लिए इन की फिल्में बकवास होती हैं