THE ARK (2023) Official Trailer | 4K UHD

THE ARK (2023) Official Trailer | 4K UHD
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  1. What I don’t understand in these sci-fi films is: How they do these people especially the women, get impeccable haircuts and make up after just waking up from hibernation??…..

  2. why do most new shows have all total loser emo immature bullshit children as main characters. must miss at all costs.

  3. Держи дизлайк, за то, что обложка из dead space, а фильм про Ark

  4. This is important. If u die today will u go to heaven? Have u lied, stolen used God's name as a curse word (O-M-G)? Still think your good? According to God's law, you're guilty. But wait, God loves you, he made a way out. God so loved the world that he gave his son (Jesus death on the cross) that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16 Please think about it. Repent/believe before it's too late. Luv you

  5. "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." __Lolly Daskal

  6. From the producer of Independence Day and the executive producer of Stargate SG-1 comes a sci-fi thriller created on a loose couch change budget..

  7. As we all know women after gender studies are better in command in deep space than men with engeener or medical experience

  8. Save your money. It seems it has the usual story line……. Men not sure how to deal with a crisis. Women takes control and saves all human kind. Sick of this crap.

  9. Trailer says "We have some of the most brilliant engineers and scientists…" and apparently, the most Karen-ish of Karens who "want to see the manager" @00:41

  10. This looks just as bad, as that Rings of power from amazon, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this will be down there with them with NO Numbers and viewer's , jesus christ

  11. When the first character to appear in the trailer is an African-American woman, you know the movie is going to flop

  12. This feels very generic, it looks like we're going to be getting lots of strong ("don't need no man") wahmen, and the baddies will all be straight white men. I hope it proves me wrong.

  13. Weird how they always send male and female to populate or repooulate planets. /sarcasmoff

  14. I remember when entertainment was entertaining. Now media is simply a vehicle to deliver low-self esteem visual and auditory medication to women and black people.

  15. Who else clicked on this because they thought it was for the upcoming Dead Space remake?

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