1. very good movie, that should not be on YT but being published for rental or so. Make some more money on this guys, definitely worth it! better than 90% of netflix movies haha

  2. Who suspected the estranged brother as being the murder of the father by cutting the father’s brake lines? And who else thought that the brother had cut the brake lines on the car when he was leaving the hotel? Lol. I’m about 3/4 of the way through. Pretty good so far.

  3. Sorry, but a guy who lives and works on a farm, does not have totally clean overalls on, and super white, clean t-shirt on, all the time.

  4. This was a pretty good little FF! The acting and production was solid, and it was a pretty original plot – a real effort was made to fill potential gaps in consistency. Definitely worth the watch for fans of the FF subgenre.

  5. I love people in comments that were expecting explosions and car chases lolz use your head and don’t watch if you’re drunk

  6. I really don't think this is even worth watching. Nothing happens until the end & then nothing really happens!

  7. Why a brother would want to hurt another brother is unknown to me. This one was especially upsetting to watch. My family doesn't even talk to me. Heartbreaking except for the corny music at the end. Come on, guys …

  8. Always gotta support FF. I'll pay to rent as well. That being said, there's just nothing here. The only good thing I can say about this movie is that the acting is solid. The movie was a swing and miss, but both guys can act. So, there's major potential. Keep pushing and thanks for the upload.

  9. Just finished up.. wow that was boring. This could have been 25 minutes long. Also, Creep did this much better. Points for low budget but story matters

  10. How were you able to post a full version of a movie that's for rent or buy on youtube? Can we do this with all the movies??

  11. Two attractive men. I wanted this to be a romantic gay movie but turns out they're half-brothers. XD

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