“The American Dream & Other Fairy Tales”: Disney Heiress Tackles Inequality and Family Legacy

Half of full-time workers in the United States cannot make ends meet. Thousands of them work for the Walt Disney Company. One of them reached out to the dissident heiress Abigail Disney, whose grandfather Roy Disney built what is often called the “happiest place on Earth.” Now she’s made a documentary about how the family business exploits its workers: “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales.” The film follows workers who have difficulty making ends meet despite the lofty claims of the Disney conglomerate. “This is a phenomenon that’s happening across this country in corporations and even around the world,” says Disney, who co-directed the film with Kathleen Hughes. Employees who agreed to be filmed “had a hope that if they could change Disney from within, Disney could lead the way for other corporations,” notes Hughes.

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  1. I have immense respect for
    Abigail Disney who has been fighting for the health and welfare of Disney workers for a long time. She could ignore their pain like every other Disney heir and corporate head but she chooses compassion over greed.

  2. Abigail needs to spearhead a disney workers union. Make them double the salaries of all wrkers except managers. No payroll deduction and regular raises for all employees. A family from GB went to florida and spent $1400 in one day. Disney can afford it.

  3. Can't wait till this hits Apple TV+. IBM was the same, a great family-oriented company for at least a few generations. Now? A shadow of its former self, as far as families and benefits go. But Hughes is right, this is a trend for all corps, and it sucks.

  4. It’s a real shame the poor don’t vote in larger numbers. We could destroy the entire current ruling political class if we ever did solidify and use our power to really remake society for the better.

  5. Thank you for everything you do Amy good person and Juan Gonzalez, (equally good person) for your honest, unbiased, genuineness and concern, for the breadth and depth of diverse and truly global yet inclusive real news coverage, you are stand out exceptional in your field, invaluable, irreplaceable, Deeply educational and undoubtedly unrivaled, a total breath of truly reliable, and trustworthy fresh air, in this toxic propaganda~ ridden dumbed down media platform where, like a true friend, you manage to not only remain constant, but shine resplendent.

  6. Capitalism and greed have always been the same thing. "Equity" is just another word for grabbing more. Fairness and equalness have nothing to do with it.

  7. The last comment exposes the nature of the law which is that if a person steals as much as 500 or more it is White collar and disposed of with more diligence. The real menace is the employer not taking responsibility to pay enough and creating a liability.. If a person steals $50 or less they are a dangerous nuisance. You have to take what you need. It's Florida, the cops will rob the bank to make the town hall payroll clear.

  8. I don't mean to be the devil's advocate here – but there are other jobs in Florida or Cali outside of Disney. The dad can learn a skilled trade and make around 20 -30 an hour. Break Free – Disney is not the only employer. They make it seem like Disney jobs are the only jobs in the world. They are not.

  9. As the now deceased, remarkably brilliant comedic genius George Carlin once said : It's called the American Dream because ….you have to be asleep to believe it. I miss your work George .RIP !

  10. Just like Walmart. Just like every large company in America and they Republicans stand back with a STRAIGHT FACE justify this SCHEISSE with an accusation of "That's SOCIALISM"
    I suppose that's why every other developed country in the world give PAID MAT LEAVE that makes the United States seem like slave drivers. This is absolutely DISGUSTING.

  11. So Disney is essentially on welfare because our tax dollars have to cover the basic living costs for what Disney refuses to pay their workers. Disgusting and Shameful! I will not take my kid there until they pay their employees a living wage.

    Thanks you Abigail. You're using your name for good. Much respect!

  12. The people who understand the 'work ' don't operate the business . The people who operate the business usually don't understand the work.

  13. I was born a block away from Disneyland, whisked off from my mom and dads ears, to be circusmcised, and have a nurse ratchet stab a scapple in my penis head, a scar that I carried for years. VELL VETA!

  14. – [ ]
    If I was a Serial Killer I would target The very very RICH and the very very CORRUPT Politicians that have a Huge Disregard for there fellow HUMANS and This PLANET. Why do we except and put up with their behaviour?

  15. No surprise that republicans made haste to try to stop her from speaking. Vote Blue in November, Americans. Vote Blue.

  16. So just stop going, watching their channels, accepting their donations, buying their products, etc. SIMPLE!

  17. I live with my "Mother in Law". That's 1 step above homelessness. Disney isn't the place for you that's for sure. Nor is it a place for me. It has lost its vision. Lets Go Brandon

  18. I'm pretty sure Disney didn't want it that way how did he treat his employees when he was alive


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