Uncovers the ancient secret brotherhood helming the world’s most powerful institutions—from religion and politics to corporations and the military.

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  1. 27:08 Other than peoples’ testimonials on reptilian beings, I would love to know what Mr. Sallas resources were for his belief in them. If there are indigenous ones (that don’t live on the bottom of the ocean), then why have no humans ever seen them like Elk, bear or something like that?

  2. 51:27 “in 1953 the JaneApple146E” joint army/navy directive: How could that have been a legal command? That’s like saying, “If you report seeing fog to the wrong person, you can be fined $10,000. and/or imprisoned.” That make no sense to me! A UFO or ET could be seen anywhere by anyone at any time just like fog.

  3. 32:51 ‘We know that the Tall Greys met with the Eisenhower administration…’ Although there have been inside people who have said that event happened, how can “we KNOW” without hard evidence? Please, where is the proof?
    (I also believe that event probably occurred but it’s just a belief based on what others have reported. My belief is not proof.)

  4. It’s ironic that that the extra-terrestrial first exposure to humanity was via ‘delegates’ of our species seemingly devoid of humanity.

    Fancy passing an act where the CIA has carte blanche to raise revenue however it sees fit (the more lucrative the better no doubt).

    Let’s just set aside humanities core precepts so we can trade in next gen alien merch.

  5. Overall, I think Dr. Salla's viewpoint in this video is accurate and shows a lot of experience. Some of the material he gets into when interviewing others is very far out, but I try to keep an open mind.

  6. There are no aliens from other planets. Angels, demons, and aircraft meant for War is more like it.

  7. Really great video. I learned a lot about Doctor Salla and his research I never knew about before. It would be nice if he could get another position at another university someday.

  8. Replace the mindless dimwits who go around harming others with the aliens who mean no harm and have advanced technology

  9. The Truth is the Truth if I believe it or not. It is Still the Truth. Deal with it!!!

  10. I wish you would go on Coast to Coast and do speech, it would help so many Dr. Salla, you are amazing. Knowledge is power, when in doubt read and read a lot. God Bless all 🕊 🙏 💫 I have read that the good aliens don't think it's ok for people to be homeless , or some people to barley get by , I have read so many thing's that I feel the same way on different thoughts they have, I have asked myself forever why do we feed other countries and have people starving here at home and living on the streets, if what I have read is true the good one's we can all learn from to be better people of love and peace.

  11. I’m going to weather bottling all this up can’t for … some people present facts that are very uncomfortable … you should … one should think the press would get your back as public information is concerned !

  12. Top governments are in contact with evil races, just look what they do to people, poverty, human trafficking, slavery, wars, bioweapons e.t.c.

  13. They are assisting to take control through outdated technology. The real thing now are QUANTUM jumps bend time and space. 😎

  14. I suppose some people will believe it,but other people like me have seen no evidence whatever in a lifetime of interest in UFO's. Rather like ghost hunting,you either "see" them,or you don't.

  15. This happened to me they are still in contact more helpful then harm. If I would have listened to their directions I would have wealth and very little stress. It is hard hard not to listen to yourself. I do know that using intuition than spectaculing but I will keep making the effort to listen nore to my eternal being. 🤔

  16. This is serious and is very true even if you disagree, that don't mean the truth isn't the truth.

  17. Sorry my friend, I don’t believe a word about extraterrestrials, I believe you believe and that’s as far as I will go. I only have one question, how do you know that you’re not being fed misinformation from the same people you seem to trust? How do you know for sure? They have admitted doing that very thing to other’s.

  18. Heinz 57 steak 🥩 sauce and alien races are the same… that’s the second time Hienz number 57 comes up, I think that number 57 comes up because it’s easier to remember for the bullsh!ters!!!

  19. I know I just started this video, but you just said,”what’s driving international politics is alien’s, extra terrestrial politicians “? You must be joking?

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