"That's Amor" Official Trailer – Netflix Original Romantic Comedy

That’s Amor is a new romantic comedy exclusively on Netflix August 25th 2022. Is This the Most Romantic Netflix Original Movie Ever? Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out! Love, romance, food, cooking class, what could possibly go wrong?

Starring: Riley Dandy, Issac Gonzalez Rossi, Nancy Lenehan, Bryan Craig, Kimberly Drummond, Christina Moore, John Ducey, Arlene Tur, Gregory Zarian, Paul Witten & More!

Produced by: Ali Afshar, Daniel Aspromante, Tiffany Dupont, Esx Entertainment

Directed by: Truly Indie’s own Shaun Piccinino

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  1. I couldn't find song standing tall by darkminds, upload it,A huge request 🖖☺,
    Rest this Thats Amor is brilliant, something different we have seen like this
    Love from INDIA ✌

  2. I predict this movie will end up toppling down the stairs like the main protaganist

  3. I love how everybody is praising Isaac, he’s the husband of one of my best friends close friends. He’s SO nice, charming, and has a great personality! Proud that he’s gotten this far in Hollywood!!

  4. Bullshit casting and zero chemistry – lmao @ this dude pretending to be a Spaniard.

  5. Dear God, if reincarnation exists, please let me come back as an egg so I can be lightly whipped by Matias in his kitchen.

  6. Seems very generic, but he'll what do I know. I'm a suckered for these kind of movies

  7. So happy to see you guys are getting back at it. Still hoping for a Zatanna and Doctor Light “Heroes with Issues” I’ve been suggesting.

  8. A love story I always wanted to make was about a talented young musician (with a terminal illness) who fall in love with a lonely, elderly, rich woman. They learn different life lessons from each other, up until the young man dies from his illness; leaving the old woman heartbroken but happy to of had love in her life again.

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