1. Probably going to be a disappointing show. All woke and not funny. Being called a dumbass by red will trigger the cancel culture

  2. This whole new group of kids needs to be recast/changed ASAP. Khiyla Aynne "mustly play Eric & Donna Daughter. Lola Flanery "mustly" play Jackie and Michael/Kelso Daughter. Malachi Barton "mustly" play Fez and ?(Sol Rodriguez) son. Mason Thames, Caleb Brown, Audrey Grace Marshall and Rian Mccririck needs to be added as Leia Forman other friends

  3. I have been waiting so long for this. And after seeing this trailer, I really can't wait to see this now. So excited about it. I love how Red and Kitty have NOT changed at all since we last saw them on That '70s Show. I look forward to seeing the adventures their granddaughter and her friends get in. Hopefully, we will see Mom and Dad (Donna and Eric) make at least one cameo appearance.

  4. yes! yes! yes!!!! rad and kitty are back!! this looks way better then i thought it be i was 9 when that 70's show! came out that was crezy so much! has changed in the real world i wonder how? that will play in the 90's show please netflix give the fan's the 90's show on dvd/blueray and we have to get this series 5 season's..

  5. I hope we get see Bob still being their neighbor. Also he’s Eric & Donna’s kid other grandpa

  6. my hopes are high but my expectations are low…….. ill give it three or two episodes but reboots do not have a great track records

  7. So one thing I noticed in this trailer is one of the kids on the water tower wearing a #30 Green Bay packers jersey. The first season from what I read takes place in the summer of 95. In 1994 a player named Corey Harris wore #30 for the Packers. Being in HS in the mid to late 90s I’d be willing to bet most WI teens from that time would have had a Farve or Reggie White jersey.

  8. The trailer should be or at least start with an introduction to the plot for the show to get fans curiosity

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