@TanmayBhatYouTube Reacts To Kantara ft. @TheAshishShakya | Netflix India

Action? A-one. Direction? Extraordinary. Acting? Marvelous.
This one just ticked all the boxes!✅

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  1. I am from Tulunad means Mangalore and i say you this movie is the most favourite movie in mangalore now and Rishab shetty have become like srk of india 😂

  2. Bhai …no need of your idiotic sarcasm on every scene.
    Play some respect, although reacting to some video without doing some research on the topic. Heh Heh Heh on every scene won't justify the hard working of talent behind that.

  3. bruh is tanmay just gonna watch 1/3rd of these movies or gonna finish them some day?😂😂

  4. Lot of good scenes reaction was missed, I watched ur reaction for RRR as well it was really detailed but this one was Lil underwhelming reaction i can tell tanmay, shaks tq🙂

  5. Yarr asli maja original language (kannada) mai dekhne mai hai. Hindi mai wo maja kaha
    U guys should watch it in kannada with subtitles.

  6. You got only these chutiyas for reacting to a classic like Kantara….🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  7. The difference between Kannada dialogues and Hindi is miles apart . The authenticity and richness of Kannada language was not captured in Hindi . The pains taken for the dialogue delivery by Rishab , be it the intro scene of the king , or screams / the talking Daiva (2) , he provided 3-4 different level voice modulation creating the magic . The same level of intensity is not seen.

  8. South movie ka hinde dubbed bahut ghtiya huta hai itna acha movie hai ye but hinde mai hug diya

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