@TanmayBhatYouTube & Gang React To Strange Movie Scenes | Netflix India

On a weirdness scale of 1-10, these scenes are a 100!

Watch @TanmayBhatYouTube, @JokeSingh, @Kullubaazi & @dayamaged react to scenes that made you go “Hmmmmmmmmmm” 🤔

Watch Chup Chup Ke, Don and so much more, streaming on Netflix!

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  1. Tanmay remembers 'give in the name Allah baba' but doesn't remember that Sheetal is actually the name of a man

  2. @TanmayBhatyoutube why you so adorbs! You don't need anyone to get your joke to be funny, yk! You are fun and funny by design 😁🙃

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