Takeaways From Harry & Meghan’s Netflix Series | The View

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared new details about their life as royals in their docuseries #HarryandMeghanNetflix, #TheView co-hosts question if it will change how the public perceives them.

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  1. Yep. I’m not interested in their whining and crying about all the negativity in their lives. They are negative and depressing individuals. To trash their families like they have, I just have NO admiration for them whatsoever. They’ve alienated themselves from their families (or Meghan has facilitated and pushed that) and it is just disgusting.

  2. I actually wasn’t interested in them before but I did enjoy the show. I definitely can understand how the two cohost found the show boring though.

    I just knew NOTHING going in, so gained a whole lot.

  3. Sunny you should listen to all sides, it so disappointing to listen to you knowing of all the discrepancies from their fist interview. Just them using the titles proves that it’s all about money for them.

  4. Ana is just making herself look like a catty person the way she excludes Alyssa. She’s totally got the “I was the only rational republican female on this panel before you came along; you speak more eloquently and you’re better looking than me; so now I’m threatened by you and I’m going to try to dim your light with passive aggressive remarks on air” complex. Hate seeing her feed into that insecurity on this show which is supposed to elevate women’s voices.

  5. The takeaway from this disgusting series is that H & M are absolutely abhorrent individuals.

  6. This is a love story? No; this is a trashy reality TV show. She was not a celebrity, but an unknown actor before Harry came along.

  7. People who object to H and M getting paid for their story are biased themselves or just out of touch. Top tier comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chapelle regularly get $20 million or more for a one (1) hour special. Tom Cruise got $100 million for Top Gun Maverick. For years, tabloid press on both sides of the pond have made billions, talking heads like Piers Morgan and social media trolls have made millions, for spreading lies about and racist hatred toward H and M. The Duke and Duchess deserve the opportunity (and the money) to tell their truth!

  8. I watched it, and I recommend everyone to watch. Sarah and Sunny are correct, they wanted to tell their story, that's it. I use to be neutral about them or any royal for that matter. After watching this documentary, I have started to like Harry & Megan.. they have really suffered at the hands of the institution.. I am in team Harry & Megan, count me in..I will always support them.

  9. Joy can only feel when it comes to Trump😂 otherwise she’s an ice queen🥶 she’s not for a beautiful love story of a British Prince that falls deeply in love to a simple American intelligent beautiful mix race lady a divorcee older than few years raised by single parent and that can only happens in a movie but it becomes a reality simply because of their overwhelming love and respect for each other…💘#HeadOverHeels💘💙💖💙💖

  10. God the view is so out of touch these days. I used to watch but honestly these women have been in Hollywood too long to know how normal people live and react.

  11. The Netflix series with Harry and Megan seemed genuine. I’m glad I watched it . Being a target of your In-Laws is heartbreaking enough without it being a world wide, life threatening spectacle. Megan uses her voice and I find her and Harry to be endearing and inspirational❤

  12. This race thing has been taken too far by the African American population, these talks are very normal especially when someone is a public figure!

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