Take Your Pills: Xanax | Official Trailer | Netflix

A cure for some and a curse for others, widely prescribed anti-anxiety medication is examined by patients and experts in this revealing documentary.

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Take Your Pills: Xanax | Official Trailer | Netflix



  1. "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

  2. absolutely incorrect take on anxiety and medication to treat it. addiction vs helpfulness is completely skewed here toward a reactionary measure to push fear, rather than understanding the truth about treatment and methods by which medication is helpful. an unhealthy addiction is completely different.

  3. Facebook, Instagram were not making me Depressed. It's the Fake people who were. So, I got rid of them. Now, I am happy and learning.

  4. I refuse any pills and treatment I’m not depressed or depressed unbalanced I just Ignore it

  5. I see lots of comments against medication, but none advocating for better access to mental health services…or better mental health services as a whole for that matter….

  6. Since years I have a panic disorder. I´m German and I´m glad the Doctors here don´t prescibe tablets that can be addictive so easy. Apart from this, there is no Xanax in Germany. I had therapy and learned to deal with my fear. That was good.

  7. Reading all the Benzo mind slaves comments on how they need it to sleep, function, etc…the excuses are all the same ones I use to tell myself for 10 years. Once you quit them and step back you finally realize how ridiculous and addicted you sounded.

  8. Been on it for 7 years now. Only take one at night and half during the day. It definitely helps and keeps me sane.

  9. To those who say that anxiety can be cured by a healthy diet sport healthy habits bla bla, you have never experienced this torture in the first place to give such rubbish advice! I have been suffering from this disorder for thirty bloody years, and it never gets easier! This disorder has ruined my sanity, my life, I feel like I have been locked up in anxiety prison that has ruined my mental and physical health! When the attack starts my entire body sort of shuts down, my heart is about to go out off my chest! I have recently started taking anxiett relief drugs but only in my worst times

  10. " For the one who moves in this world of sense , free from attachment and aversion alike and let things to come and go as they happen , there comes a state of mind where all sorrows end and you live in the wisdom of the self " .

  11. Most people have NO idea how fast and how bad you can become dependent on benzos. Trying to get off them is a nightmare. They are an awful drug.

  12. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks lately and have had the issue the past 16 years, Xanax helps but thankfully I make a bottle of 60 last me a year. I hope doctors can find a damn cure for anxiety, its definitely torture and prevents people from living and enjoying life. People who don't have anxiety, panic disorder have no idea how easy life is without that hindering them.

  13. took it one time and it gave me horrible vivid nightmares still vivid to this day so it’s gonna be a “Nope.” from me 😂

  14. While some people are addicts and seek drugs as a way to escape reality the same drugs prescribed and taken as needed can be life-saving for the people who need them. People need to understand that addiction is the problem and I think it is a choice to become addicted a person must know in the back of their minds when they are abusing meds. Until we get healthcare for all and the Medical field is no longer for private profit in this country people will be able to abuse the system and become addicts. We need universal healthcare.

  15. I find it interesting that as a society we often blame the pharmaceutical companies but not the actual doctor prescribing it. Without doctors prescribing the medications, the medication literally gets stopped from putting out and the pharmecutical industry cuts its loses and stops making said med

  16. It's not withdrawal that some of us are suffering. It's the harmful and the painful and the outrageous side effects that you have to go through it's called DEPENDENCE. . If anyone's reading this if you're suffering because you stop taking the medication or it's not working any longer read up on gaba receptors. And please do not call Turkey your medication. No one person goes through this the same everyone is different. And most doctors you need to educate them on beenzodiazepines. There is a manual out there called the Ashton manual lots of informative information in there good read. ♥️

  17. People need to wake up they Cause acathesia It's a condition I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy Will bring the strongest man you know to their knees! People that deal with cancer have better lives than people trying to get off benzodiazepines I don't think the world understands how psychologically damaging this drug is I know you guys all enjoy it and you have it for backup but what happens when you don't have it Do you just lose it and start crying every day until you commit suicide Come on people wake up!!!

  18. You Americans are becoming too soft. 🙂
    You need some harshness in your environment a bit to harden up.

  19. Hello im a medicine student and this year I have this subject,pharmacology that learn about all the drugs ,yesterday I talk about this drug and yes I cant wait to see this movie

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