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  1. Superdad to the rescue! I really hope this show will focus mainly on the story instead of a political agenda

  2. So supermans mom dies and their kids stumble upon the family fatm houde later superman exposes himself to the kids yeah clark kent is superman. Oh they they have kids

  3. Anyone know if this will be connected to smallville? As in does this take place in the same universe?

  4. This will be awesome! The actress who played SUPERGIRL, Melissa Benoist, in that tv series, is on maternity leave. It's almost a given she will guest star in some episodes of this show, and the scripts just nearly write themselves! The can have some guy giving her grief, " Hey, Superman has been doing everything for the past 8 months? What were you up to! " and she can reply ' Giving Birth! " I mean, honestly, the gags write themselves! 😉

  5. I love it I am a very big fan of Superman I can not wait to see the series of Superman and Lois