SUPER MARIO BROS Trailer (2023) Chris Pratt

A plumber named Mario travels through an underground labyrinth with his brother, Luigi, trying to save a captured princess. Feature film adaptation of the popular video game.
Starring: Chris Pratt (voice)

SUPER MARIO BROS Trailer (2023) Chris Pratt
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  1. Next in line is Adventure Island, Twin Bee, Salamander, Battle City, Donkey Kong and the famouss highest score to beat is Galaga 😅😅😅

  2. Gasp! I didn’t see ANYTHING woke in this trailer! Could it be?? Please please please please….

  3. Seth rogan is donkey kong i cant wait to see him chuckle the seth rogan laugh on a ape 😂

  4. So I take it they're not gonna sound like the games? I was expecting Mario to go WAAAAAAAAOOOHHH!!! 😆

  5. OMG it has been long that i got excited about a movie. The trailer is just perfect ❤️ definitely going for the child in me 🤩😻

  6. so glad they decided to give us a piece of our childhood in a proper animation series….but I must say immunations are just as good as Disney Pixar….but I would still say that maybe Disney Pixar could have done alot better job with the graphics.

  7. Is nobody gonna talk about how we can possibly get a Super Smash cinematic universe with Sonic, Pikachu and now Mario??

  8. Maybe if everyone pushes hard enough they can fix Mario's voice like they did Sonic's teeth 🤣

  9. there wil be sme ctastrophy space jam and cut eyes colours not beter cros animation movie what a crap waste material good movie prefer game play than watch

  10. Thank god they didn`t do a live animation like the lion king or the little mermaid. Let cartoons be cartoons.

  11. I was one of the first on my street to have a Nintendo and I always bought the Mario games the day they came out, I saved all my allowance and birthday money just for them. I think I'll finally go back to the theater just for this movie. Plus it's Chris Pratt ,I'll see it just to piss off the left.

  12. That music when Mario falls on the mushroom..nostalgic.

    Childhood days.

    Definitely a go to movie

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