Super Bowl LVII EARLY PREVIEW: Chiefs vs Eagles: EXPERT Picks to Win + MORE | CBS Sports

Bryant McFadden and Leger Douzable join CBS Sports HQ to preview the Super Bowl between the Eagles and Chiefs


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  1. Eagles have an awesome Pass Rush!
    Make Mahomes be hurried all the time.
    So Eagles win easily and I am a Chargers fan for over 40 years so no bias here

  2. Remember Mahomes is not hurt… acted hurt all day hobbling around. But when he made the last run. He was running like a deer.

  3. First Superbowl in years I don't care to watch Philly should blow out the Chiefs as long as the commissioner stays out of it!

  4. I should be having free drinks for a lifetime after I get done winning this Superbowl because I don't think it is a remotest possibility that the Eagles can win because Mahomes is a much better QB than Hurts this game is a lock πŸ” I'm looking forward to all of the free drinks I will be getting for a long time otherwise I will be buying a lot of drinks to all of you Eagles gamblers that want to put your money where your mouth is .

  5. Whoever you are that wants to bet on the Eagles -2 I have you covered so you can buy me a drink after you lose and if you win I will buy you a drink.

  6. I'm glad everyone wants to bet me if we meet you can buy me a drink if the impossible happens and the Eagles win I will buy you a drink I have the Chiefs plus 2 can't miss I'm looking forward to all of the free drinks that I am going to be getting.

  7. Mahomes way out classes Hurts this is the best bet of the year lock πŸ” Chiefs cannot lose.

  8. I will make a bet against all gamblers that want to bet on the Eagles -2 if I see you you can buy me a drink after you lose if I lose I will buy all of you a drink.

  9. No way is Jalen Hurts going to beat Patrick Mahomes in the Superbowl. Not going to happen bet it all on the Chiefs it's a lock guaranteed win easy money best bet of the year if you are having a losing season just bet everything on the Chiefs and you will get all of your money back.

  10. You are crazy if you think the Eagles are going to beat the Chiefs isn't happening dream on .

  11. Can't believe anyone would think that the Eagles have a remote chance of winning the Superbowl best bet if the year I bet the house on Chiefs plus 2.

  12. Isiah Pacheco will be the most important part of KC's offense. They MUST run the ball to attempt to thwart Reddick and company. Mahomes is unbelievable but the more he drops back the more he puts himself in danger against that historic Eagles pass rush. They pressure you from both edges and inside which is suffocating. KC will screen, draw play and look to get quick passes to Kelce in an attempt to Keep Patty clean. My birds have a great secondary which should give that rush a little more time to get in the backfield. It will be a tough game but I don't think the Chiefs have the personnel to match up with the Eagles.

  13. The Chiefs will have to try to stop our run game first and foremost. Mahomes is a generational talent but if the Chiefs allow us to run for 150+ they will lose. They have to put 8 in the box and I think their secondary will have a hard time with AJ, Smitty and Goeddert. The Colts won the time of possession battle 33:32 to 26:28 when they faced the Chiefs and won the game. The Birds will run first and pass second and take their time snapping the ball to ensure that they win the time of possession battle. KC is good but I don't think their defense will hold up!

  14. Chief Kingdom!! Needs to build a building around the Chief's stadium with an open Dome so we can be closed if it's too cold out make it a huge Fun Center so we can hold the Superbowl in Kansas City let's rally for the loudest stadium in the football league

  15. KCs airgame VS Eagles running game I'd say it's gonna be a good match up if Mahomes hurts that ankle it might turn out to be a bad one but I'm gonna have to go wit Jaylen Hurtz and the Eagles on this one. My team at least got a winning season not a loosing one with coach Tomlin but there's always next season hope to get there next season with a solid team.

  16. dude says "outside the obvious of andy reid…" then starts talking about the quarterbacks as if they arent front runners for MVPs. Why not get people who know how to answer questions when asked instead of former players.

  17. Chiefs and the under if I had to pick now wish I did a small bet already with uncertainty with chiefs wr core

  18. Thankfully, the game is on Fox, so we don't have to listen to the divisive, homophobic, anti abortion azzhole, Tony Dungy. That guy shouldn't even be on NFL games TV, but NBC keeps his boring ass on….despite how he disrespects groups of people that his religion tells him are sinners. I'm a straight Black male, but "Fuc* Dungy!!!"

  19. 2 QB's that can do it all, so both D's go up in practice vs these types of QB's, Kansas City is banged up, Philadelphia is playing lights out D, with that said, I like the Eagles by 10 & under 50 total points for the game!

  20. MyHolmes just has too much talent, experience, poise and will overcome top Eagles defense. Patrick has another 2 weeks to rest up that ankle. So does his wide receivers. It will be exciting game.

  21. I think eagles win and Mahomes gets injured 1st quarter. Ole Chad puts up a great fight but the birds pull off a turnover or 2 that change the game what happened when bucs had mahomes looking dumb like a chicken running backwards. When the Philly d line gets thru you get hurt.

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