Sunrise Movement on Midterms: If GOP Takes Congress, Climate Action Will Be Stalled, Reversed

The climate movement warns the midterm elections will either advance or torpedo climate initiatives in the U.S. This comes as climate activists and scientists at the U.N. climate summit in Egypt cautioned that the world is heading toward climate disaster without deeper cuts in planet-heating emissions. “We are up against a ticking time bomb of an unrelenting climate crisis and an economic crisis that is bearing down on working people,” says Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement, which has reached 3 million young voters to get out the vote in the midterms. Prakash also explains how parts of President Biden’s climate legislation passed this year could be stalled or reversed if Republicans take back control of Congress in 2023.

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  1. If Republicans take congress and stall climate change progress please don't let Florida get any more funds for climate catastrophes and all other Red states fighting to stop green movements to curb climate change. If you vote against your own safety you really don't deserve to get bailed out over and over. There has to be something done about this lunacy of self-destruction of our country and the world.

  2. As long as corporate power controls Congress and the rest of our government, our society and human life in general are always going to be controlled by that hegemonic corporate elite that is focused on wealth, power and globalization , and values like human growth, human development, and people in general will continue to be marginalized, propagandized, and appeased to. We need social structuring now more than ever, and we have the means to easily put us on that path. If the powers that be wanted the general public unified politically and fully engaged in critical though and political discourse, they would have created a political structure for us that would allow us to do so. Our system enslaves the majority of Americans into a life of working at the cost of their dreams and the quality of their life. That's a fact. But a group of very talented computer science people and students could create something to change that if someone like our President just gave them the nod end encourage them to do so. You have my permission to use the following essay to promote a democratic structural platform so that individual everyday citizens can participate in the political process in a meaningful and constructive way.


    For those of us who would like to know how people can come together and change society for the common good, it is crucial to be aware that we now have the means of doing that quite effectively. It's called the internet. Nothing holds us back from acting on our own and pooling our resources to build a democratic political structure that would give the general public a powerful voice throughout society.

    We need to establish an online democratic political platform in which any concerned citizen can securely log in and participate in the political system in a highly constructive and meaningful way — which would help to ensure that whatever Congress does that it will always be in the public's best interest — and this would translate into the ability of the general public to exert and wield real democratic power upon the government, and thus society itself.

    Such a democratic structure, which would essentially be a public web portal, would serve multiple functions — including basic things like voting in an election, which has already been done successfully in a number of countries, or allowing people to express their opinions on any issue and have those opinions recorded and tabulated for government offices to see the results of and to analyze.

    The political platform could also be a place where people educate themselves about our true history of imperialism, how society actually operates, about the nature of neoliberalism, how it began, and the devastating effect that it has on the poor and the working-class, or the history of class struggle in American history, or how American anarchists were the ones who were behind most if not all of the major social progress that was ever achieved throughout our history. All of this kind of historical information, which has not been part of traditional teachings, would do a tremendous service to the public by enlightening their minds and to give them a whole understanding and approach to what is possible.

    The central function of this direct-democracy platform, however, would be the encouragement, promotion, and facilitation of the two most important activities that a free and democratic people could ever do — critical thinking about the society in which they live and engaging in rational, political discourse.

    People would gather around a common cause — like a social injustice or some other systemic flaw in society — that they are passionate about, form into a group, or several groups, which would basically take the form of an online chat room but that would be set up in a highly constructive and intelligent way, and simply begin sharing their concerns and expressing their thoughts and ideas on achieving a logical, reasonable, and practical solution to the problem. The rational discourse would undoubtedly lead to some form of brainstorming sessions where a common sense solution could be produced. Once finalized, the people's official proposal (perhaps known as a pop) would then be voted on by the participating public, and if passed with a majority vote, then it would be sent to Congress for special consideration.

    This is how American people can harness real democratic power, and if it can be done here in this country. with all of its diversity and so much political divisiveness and so many distractions, it could be done just about anywhere where there is broad-band access. This is not a fairy tale. This is quite real, and we can do this.

    Each member of Congress would receive some kind of rating based on how responsive the representative is to the general public — who would be regarded as the main constituents of Congress — and every time that an individual logs into the platform, one of the first things seen would be the rating of their Representative and Senators. The rating system would be an additional tactic to pressure politicians with so that members of Congress always act in the best interest of the people.

    And so, this is what a public, online, democratic political platform could do. Such a democratic mechanism would be a political game-changer because then there would basically be no limit to what a concerned and engaged citizenry could achieve.

    I am talking about an online platform, that's it, that records, tabulates, and graphs the voice of the public so that any representative in government can simply log in and see how their constituents feel about the issue and learn about any specific ideas or proposals that they may have in resolving a particular issue. If the majority of people are dissatisfied with the representative's response, then the people would have the ability to make that known and to be put on the democratic record of that Congress member.

    Students, individuals, corporations, and organizations are continually establishing some kind of online platform or web-site in order to perform a particular function or set of functions for society, and the building of a direct-democracy platform would be no different except that it would be a platform that every citizen can benefit from. Participation in this platform would undoubtedly require a certain amount of time and energy from the individual, and this would be understood. Most people make time for doing all kinds of things in their lives that are not totally necessary, and so, I would think that making time to voice their concerns and ideas about how to advance human growth and human development in the most effective way possible would be something that people would definitely want to do.

    We don't need the government's permission to begin working on such a grand, social project; we just need to start doing it. It would be helpful if celebrities in the mainstream media or perhaps certain organizations who specialize in producing public-interest campaigns could create a presentation to promote the establishment of an online democratic structure. Anyone involved in such efforts should expect some sort of backlash from the existing power structure, but if the public campaign is done in a very intelligent and strategic way, and if different prototypes are made for the public to try out and to get comfortable with, which would help to promote the overall concept of the project, then the powers that be will bend. A good name for such a democratic platform would be NOAM out of respect for the still living, renowned intellectual, thinker, and advocate for social change, Noam Chomsky.

    A possible slogan for the activists of such a movement could be: Keep Calm, and Make the Logical Argument. When you hear voices from the media start downplaying and ridiculing the importance of critical and logical thinking, or accuse us of being reckless and irresponsible, that would be a good sign of the cracking of the existing power structure.

  3. If these politicians are so concerned with climate change, why are they still flying all over the world in their jets? Why are they pushing policies on average people who barely contribute and yet not doing anything themselves? Climate change is brought up every 10 years or so and they always say the world is about to end soon if we don't change. They have been saying that for about 80 years now. Everyone complains about oil yet we don't have electricity without oil. Everyone is pushing EVs yet we don't have EVs without oil. If oil is so bad, why are we selling 10s of thousands of barrels to China? Nuclear energy is the only way to make a change, yet we are shutting all the nuclear plants down. Doesn't add up.


  5. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.😊

  6. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨ Climate rich elites

  7. Amy you seem to be an intelligent woman the guy in the un can't come out and say the truth. We'll see if he did would you believe it we passed the tipping point of no return it's nice to put some spin on it for as long as you can. Now Florida is getting ready for a hurricane

  8. You can’t make this shit up.
    We are on the brink of nuclear war and this facists talking about fake climate change.
    After a nuclear ☒️ war you will get for sure a hot climate change

  9. To raise awareness all the movie stars and rich multi millionaires need to get together and fly as a giant group around the world several times in their private jets ! Just think, there are 23,200 of these beauties out there ! Nobody can ignore that! What a powerful sight to raise climate awareness! It would be like the Blue Angels doing a fly by on steroids ! It's the least they can do.

  10. Intelligence agencies need to step in if they have not already and do the right thing! Make this come out right!

  11. Biden already wasted $60 billion on Ukraine to win his war against Russia at any cost. He has yet to build one new bridge under his infrastructure plan. This is his take on democracy.

  12. Jesus, the idiots that believe every bit of propaganda thrown at them by a bunch of rich people who want to rule the world always manages to amaze me.
    Look up weather control systems.
    And stop buying into the forced narrative.

  13. It's really hard to care about the future and climate change when your neck is being crushed under a jackboot. But of course, that is the Republicans plan

  14. This government that is now running Egypt is illegal and illegitimate because the term of its presidency of the Egyptian authority, which is 8 years over two terms, has expired.

    The question here is how can the hosting of the conference be entrusted to an illegitimate and illegal government that does not have any legal right to run the Egyptian state???

    Also, this government has the worst human rights file in the world… because of its arrest of 60,000 journalists, media professionals and political activists on charges of freedom of opinion and expression.

    I think that attributing the organization of the conference to this illegal government led to the failure of the conference and lost the reputation and credibility of the conference and those who attended it

  15. Just out of interest…how do people in winter snow heat their homes?..on renewable sunlight and wind?

  16. She can choose not to eat meat God made cows they arent the problem. Dirty manufacturing is ruining the environment

  17. renewable energy is fake and 100% ideology driven even the words renewable energy don't even make sens in physics energy or renewed… renewable will just fuckup the climate a lot faster. renewable energy need gas or oil to level out the 70% of the time in a year renewable energy not producing anything like when there is no wind etc …

  18. "Why don't people cite the climate crisis as their top concern in voting?" Because 1) the mainstream media doesn't make it an issue, 2) the masses are selfish and self-absorbed, 3) the masses are illogical and irrational, and 4) the masses are brainless.
    ps. I cite the climate crisis as my top priority (followed closely by economic inequality/money in politics issues, and universal healthcare), but nobody in the media asked me…

  19. At 1:46 I couldn't take any more.. very sad.
    Clearly my future will be messy w/these ridiculous young people, very sad.

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