STRANGER THINGS Season 4 (2022) First 8 Minutes Scene

You can watch the first eight minutes of #StrangerThings4 right now.

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  1. Is this the Origin Story of Eleven…..or Jack/Subject Zero from Mass Effect (they both have the same hairdo ^_^)?

  2. so lemme guess 11 is an evil little b tch…or she was possessed by something from the reverse place

  3. So, 11 has always been a manipulative and murderous little sh*t. Hopefully she gets hers in the end.

  4. Wonderful and epic masterpiece, I can't wait to see this incredibly amazing movie, I'm so totally hyped that we finally get to see another great episode of this!

  5. People's comments are truth that we are getting more and more ignorant as these Generations go by.

  6. This explains a lot that the other children under the numbers could not just disappear from the laboratory and it turns out that Odie lied that they ran away and presented her to us in a completely different role

  7. where the producers fucked up… it's Indiana. the town wouldn't be Hawkins, it's be Hawkinsville. because everything ends in ville in Indiana.

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