Stranger in the house FULL MOVIE AKA The Inherited | Thriller Movies | The Midnight Screening

Eve has married the man of her dreams but when they return to live in the house willed to him by his first wife who died under horrific circumstances, it becomes a waking nightmare as Eve falls into a spiral of suspicion and madness.

Starring – Anabella Sciorra and Nathan Dorrow
Directed by – Devon Gummersall

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  1. Made cry when she said I have no family, Tom first wife had a change of heart . The boy call Tom first wife mom 🥲

  2. I truly do not like movies with casting like this. Why is it that every Asian woman has to have a white man as her husband or boyfriend in the movies!
    Such BS. Is that all the Asian girls go for are white boys?

  3. All threw this movie every single person that Eve spoke to talked in riddles thru the whole movie about Tom's previous wife ! But nobody was saying anything
    to Eve like something was a secret but what? Also everyone acted weird but Eve! So you wait all the way thru the movie to finally get the point! Then realize the movie is over & you still don't know anything! Except she stayed & the house was hers! First Tom inherited the house from his first wife but could never sell it! They talked about being in the
    Blake Family Trust forever & would always be but there was no Blake relatives to inherit it! That is why Tom inherited the house! He grew up there & the Blake's considered him to like a brother & then husband! So all was perfect when Eve had a son! Now he can inherit it! To think l spent 3 hours
    at 3am trying to figure this movie out & still l am at a loss to understand the writer's point! The movie should've been listed as a haunted house with only Eve
    seeing the ghost of his first wife every where!

  4. The plot was too far out there to make any sense at all. Like the writer blocked themselves in a corner and then just threw in anything they thought might get them out of that corner. Like Tom wouldn't know Mrs. Menobar was dead? Or that he wouldn't question who the cleaning lady was? Too far fetched. Sorry.

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