STRANGE WORLD Trailer 2 (2022) Disney

STRANGE WORLD Trailer 2 (2022) New Disney Animated Movie © 2022 – Disney.

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  1. The charecter designs are shit
    Story sounds generic (just Atlantis’s again)
    Jokes are shit
    Yeahthis is gonna be a funny one. Never thought I’d see anouther flop by Disney this early after lightyear but Christ.

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  3. another forgettable movie
    miss those days Disney took years to bring us a master piece (in some cases(

  4. "I'm a big fan…. of your Dad… " Having a Dad that's well known in the Artist world, I felt that XD

  5. Looking forward to watching this! I wonder how many species in total exist in this world, can't wait! 🤯 🪸🦠🐶

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