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  1. One of my favorite post- and preapocalyptic series. It's the proof that intelligent entertainment with great acting and good storytelling is possible. I wish there were more mini-series like that.

  2. Any Anime fans here? Halfway thru and noticed this series has the same type of structure that Boogie Pop Phantom has…a central event hub with the spokes radiating out being the stories of the people affected by that event.

    I kept sitting here thinking 'where have I seen this before?' and it wasn't the story itself but its structure…great execution (I haven't read the source material so this is my first exposure to it).

    And yes, it is eerie and accurate for our current times…

  3. I remember reading the book back in 2016. I had gotten into a really bad spot with a lung infection and was hospitalised. My mother bought me the book to read and I dug into it once I was moved from Isolation into general recovery. I used a slip of toilet paper as my bookmark of all things. Pretty quickly I was honestly enamoured with the story and its characters and the beautifully bitter sweet messages it told. Although in truth I have forgotten much of the book now, besides the beginning and the final page.

    I really never thought that random book I was gifted and loved would ever have a sequel, or be adapted in any way. I'm glad I have a sore memory, it'll make watching this all the more enjoyable.

  4. Why show like "squid game", "money hiest", and now "all of us are dead" Are more Popular than this show💀. This a full of art, story, cinematography, plot, music and acting are soo good 🔥

  5. After the fourth episode i was uninterested due to all the plays and talking. It lacked in some areas to grasp and keep my attention! To each his own!

  6. If you're scared of Covid, LoL, you might wanna get on a rocket, or go in a bunker, because the future isn't getting better, LoL

  7. It looks heartbreaking and that it will hit a little too close to home right now. But, I’m sure I’ll probably watch it

  8. Hate this show. Poorly written poorly adapted. Great acting. The only way to follow this show is if read the book. Otherwise totally a waste of time. Directionless and confusing. Read the book. Much better.

  9. All good except MacKenzie Davis is the most annoying actress ever. The scenes with her are painful. She ruins everything she's in

  10. I absolutely loved the book. This looks like it's quite different. I'm still unsure as to whether it is worth paying for another streaming site (it's on Stan in Australia), but this trailer looks more promising than the first one I watched.

  11. Struggled through the first 3 episodes and gave up. Don’t know what’s going on, time jumps/flashbacks..too intellectual for me I guess. ..pass for me

  12. I have no idea as to what is happening as I've never read the book, but this looks like what we all thought Covid would become crossed with an ice age, and I can't wait to watch, also Himesh Patel is a win.

  13. HBO max has been a real Netflix competitor since the pandemic. It's hard to have both Netflix and HBO subscriptions for me, but damn, it is harder to pick one of them