STAR WARS ANDOR Final Trailer (2022) Extended

STAR WARS ANDOR Final Trailer (2022) Extended
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  1. same as what will happen in a few years in this country—-against Darth drumpf and Emperor Putin

  2. Forest Whitaker is here? as per IMDB, he's not even credited… but they're selling him in the trailer

  3. Absolutely cant wat for this. Rogue one and solo are by far the best recent movies. Looks dark and real. Nice.

  4. Not content with the Star Trek universe being ruined by Discovery/Picard….Disney are now destroying the Star Wars legacy with these cash ins that nobody asked for or wanted.

  5. I'm so happy to see a darker, grittier Star Wars story that doesn't have Skywalkers and Palpatines in it… 🙂

  6. Same team as Rogue 1 and Borne. This might actually be worth watching as opposed to the steaming pile of garbage we've had recently (Mando S1 exempt).

  7. Ok this looks like it MIGHT be watchable but it's Disney so I won't get my hopes up,I did like Rouge one tho,

  8. I think the fact that Ukraine and the West are fighting a war against Russia and the dark side humanity make this series much more real in the minds of anyone who watches and has a heart and a brain. There will always be good and evil, light and dark in this world. The choices made and the sides we take in real life seem to parallel what we see in this series.

  9. Think this could be epic as Rogue 1, once we get a surprise Darth Vader cameo…it would raise the bar & help fuse the 2 Movies nicely….IMO

  10. I really hope Dismey won't fuck this one up as well .
    Lately they've been coming out with worse and worse TV shows .

  11. The intensity this trailer contains is unparalleled in recent movies absolutely awe-inspiring, it's going to be RAD!!!

  12. Same as… same as… same as… It's more of the same Star Wars drivel churned out to keep the proles in their seats instead of on the streets.

  13. 17:29
    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!

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