STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds (2022) Trailer 2

A prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, the show will follow the crew of the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike.

Series Premiere: Thursday – May 5th, 2022.
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  1. Why the hell does Paramount keep trying to make retro Star Trek series? First Discovery and now this? By virtue of it being set in the past (23rd century) of Star Trek we already know how it's all going to turn out.

  2. This is gonna be good… Lately it finally feels like i'm getting some "real" star trek back after 20-years of nothing except the "reboot movies" whcih …. were fine on their own but shouldn't have been called star trek

  3. Why the hell does he look like Elvis Presley now? Strange Hair…. …and the Rest: Hmmm….guess it will be the same "Style" of the other Shows…. and not as good as the 90ths…..

  4. Pro všechny kritiky zde, kteří už to dopředu odsuzují: ,,Tak běžte a natočte něco lepšího." Kritizovat a odsuzovat, ať už z jakýchkoliv důvodů, umí každý. Co takhle pro jednou dát tomu šanci a brát to jako součást celku. Celý svět Star Treku je fascinující a jeho tvůrci si zaslouží poděkování za to, že nám ho zprostředkovávají. Nemyslíte, vy kritici všeho?

  5. This is looking better and better!! Just please don't go woke like STD did…..just please keep it Trek!! Let's get back to being Trek! I want just as much science and exploration as their is action; please balance that right!

  6. Where is the conflict between doing what is right and breaking personal beliefs? Where is a philosophical view of the world beyond the stars and searching for a new world with different types of points of view? One does not decide the faith of others and break the natural path or destiny, but all I see from this trailer is action and more action, possibly halting the natural flow of unknown paths. I'm not saying the current Star Trek doesn't follow the same way, but I see much less and lesser as the network brings out new shows.

  7. It‘s another Alex Kurtzman show. The same guy who created Discovery and Picard, two series which unfortunately couldn‘t satisfy me and didn‘t convey any Star Trek feeling at all. So I‘m approaching this with low expectations.

  8. We seem to be overdoing the jokes, I thought ST was pretty much for an adult public while SW was for the kids. And is ST: Picard done and sealed off already?

  9. Thing about nuTrek we can probably all agree with. It does look good. But we know Secret hideout likes wrapping turd in xmas wrapping paper. Oh goody.

    I might give a few episodes a chance though, seeing as I like Pike and co. But I'm keeping my expectations low.

  10. Fun fact the jokes in this trailer represents what a joke Star Trek has become these days. Its so nice to see them being so aware of how bad this franchise has become.

  11. this looks crap, these new actors i cant take seriously 🤣🤣 i wont be watching this when its released 🤮